Daily WOD – Oct 7, 2011

Karen - first full trip up the rope!
Pink HPSU twins (Nik and Miranda)

For time, complete:

  • 45 handstand push-ups
  • 45 deadlifts (275/185#)
  • 45 chest-to-bar pull ups
  • 5 rope climbs

WOD Notes: You can complete the movements in ANY ORDER. Have fun and pick whatever motivates you to go hard! For instance, you can do 5 rounds of 9 HSPU, 9 DL, 9 C2B, and 1 rope climb. Or you can treat it like a chipper and complete each movement before moving on to the next. For those not fluent in CrossFit math, you can also do 21-15-9 of HSPU, DL, and C2B, with the rope climbs sprinkled in πŸ™‚

Community Notes: WOD and wings tonight!

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  1. Holy crap, was going to 6:15am this, but I think ill give my arms a few hours extra rest. see you at 5pm

  2. Nooo, I’m gonna miss it! This looks awesome.

  3. I’m in for the breakfast club….sure you don’t wanna make this an AMRAP? I have to leave by 7:15.

  4. Hmm… second thought, I’m gonna try to swing it at 5, just might have to leave right after. This looks like too much fun to pass up.

  5. 6:15 am results: (HSPU scale, DL scale, Pull up scale, Rope Scale)
    Killa 22:25 (25+10# plate, 160# DL)
    Matt 22:55 (box (30 reps), 165# DL (30 reps), Green reg PU (30 reps), 2.5 rope climbs)

    I invoked a 25:00 min time cap today, which will also be in effect for this afternoon’s class. Both Killa and Matt did a great job pushing through this this morning – it was definitely a skill intensive and heavy WOD!! Great form and intensity all around.

  6. PS – the deadlift should be scaled to 70% of your 1RM if the Rx weights are greater than 70%

  7. Heres a quick question for you.. You Have HSPU’s using a plate as a scale… In the Games they were on 2×45 (it appeared) + abmat for your head… If you use an abmat, are plates still scaling? Just looking for your input on that.

  8. Interesting question, I’d say that the Rx in this case is just saying go til your head is at the same level as the palm of your hands. I’d call it Rx but I’m not sure how others would rule it.

  9. The reason I ask is the plates give you almost a guide marker as to where to place your hands consistently (lets say that we put them in the center of the plates each time) Theoretically you get consistent placement each time, I just dont want it to be considered a scale. I thought it was a good setup in the games how they had it.. Its indisputable when your head hits the mat you are at full depth…. I guess alternatively I could put chalk hand -prints where I want to plant. Sorry ive been strategically breaking down this wod like im planning for a mil op πŸ™‚

    1. LOL, I like the discussion! I would agree with John that it’s not a scale, as long as your palms and head are on an even plane at the bottom of the motion. In some ways an abmat w/ plates could even be harder, because if you relax your muscles at the bottom of the movement, you’ll sink into the abmat and end up lower than your hands.

      Regarding consistency of hand placement, I think with repetition you’ll learn where to place your hands even on the bare floor. It would be important to not rely on plates to help you with placement… because you never know when you’ll be in a competition and they just have a bare floor. (Or as John can attest, a grassy field and a piece of plywood….) I guess the answer is try it different ways, constantly change the game so you can be ready for anything. Even try putting your hands on plate with NO abmat (so you force yourself to go below parallel.) We’ve been at competitions where this is the standard….

  10. Well said on all parts! It make’s sense. My concern on the placement is how wide is too wide? If you leave a person to their own devices, put them on a flat bench with an oly bar, you would be surprised where people place their hands, and each time they grab it, it changes. One can say “different strokes for different folks”, however there has to be a sweet spot for hand placement, and thats where my plate thought comes in, it takes the thought out of it initially, then you could “graduate” to muscle memory once you are a cf stud(ette) ..

    Closing thought – This wod has a bunch of demon’s in it for me, say you added 90 Double Unders in there, I would officially name this wod, “An Exorcism of Mediocrity”

  11. Haha Tom – you’ll get so much practice with gymnastics moves over these next few months that I think you’ll be our gym expert on C2B PU and HSPU by the time you’re recovered from the surgery πŸ™‚

    FYI – I’ve seen some CrossFit competitions establish standards about how wide is too wide for HSPU, push ups, and bench press. When you’re at the bottom of the movement, the angle of your elbow should be 90 degrees or less. If you go so wide that your elbow has an obtuse angle, you’re too wide.

  12. When they did the affiliate challenge at the games, and the last WOD had Diane as part of it, the plates with abmat set-up was used. I think Nikki hit it on the head as to why they introduced this. I’ve gotten bruises on my head from doing HSPU to the floor, but you can literally rest a second on your head before pushing up. What the abmat does is make it easy to see (and judge!) when your head touches the appropriate level (the abmat) AND since it’s squishy, you have keep everything engaged to push back up. I think it’s harder, personally. As long as the plates and abmat are even, it’s Rx like the ground, but most of what I’ve seen is the plates a bit higher, which makes it a deeper range of motion and maybe an Rx+ type of movement for the normal crossfitter (non-games qualifier monster).

    When it comes to width of hands on the floor/plates, I think it’s down to personal preference. I remember at the games in 2010, they had a HSPU WOD on rings for men and against the wall for women. Some of the women were REALLY wide so they didn’t have to travel as far (they could also kip then, I think). I’m pretty sure they were on plates that year, but I can’t remember. I think what John told me, though, is most important. If you rotate your hands out a bit, and really concentrate on exploding through your palms or base of your hand, you’ll do best. I also think that it’s important to be at a width where you can “comfortably” maintain active shoulders so it’s easier to keep your core tight (butt clenched, abs tight etc).

    My trick on hand placement when I started doing these: get a little chalk on your hands for the warm up and find your comfort zone, then use those hand prints as a guide. During the WOD if your shoulders/triceps get shot, you might adjust narrower/wider a bit kind of like pushups.

  13. Nik 20:47 Rx
    Miranda 25:00 (missing 1 rope climb and 3 ring rows)
    Dan 20:59 (235, box, 1 rope climb)
    Karen 19:17 (135, 1/2 height rope)
    John 15:58 Rx

    Congrats to karen for getting her first full rope climb tonight!!! After completing a really hard WOD!

  14. Results from O’Neill’s Garage: (HSPU scale, DL scale, Pull up scale, Rope Scale)
    Barb 23:23 (Green ball, 135#, Mental floss, Consecutive, alternating PU and K2E)
    Deirdre 24:46 (Abmats and disks, 135#, Regular pullups, alternating PU and K2E)
    Chuck 23:47 (Regular pushups, 175#, alternating PU and K2E)
    Cragle 15:40 (Abmat, 205#, alternating PU and K2E)

    Let’s Go Phils!

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