Daily WOD – Oct 18, 2011

Find your 10 rep max overhead squat.

Cash out: 500m (timed) row, immediately into 44 DU

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  2. This should be a fun one! I’ve never found a 10 rep max, but I’ve always heard that a sign of an elite athlete is he/she can OHS their bodyweight 15x. I’m hoping for 10 lbs under bodyweight, 10 times. Which is still pretty cool, considering my first OHS was about 1/3 bodyweight 🙂 As long as I’m making progress, I’m happy!

    1. did you hit your goal?

      1. yup!

  3. There is going to be a lot of strategy in this one. My previous one rep max was 205. I kind of want to try it for 10 reps, makes sense in my head anway!

  4. john you are crazy! go big or go home, right? hahaha

  5. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the mighty ducks its that “its not worth winning if you can’t win big, go hawks!”

  6. We had a cashout at the 5pm of a 500m row (timed) immediately into 44 DU (or 132 SU). The scores posted are first for the 10RM OHS, then the max 500m row, and then the total time for the row+DU

    Nikki 115 / 1:53 / 3:02 Rx
    Karen 55 / 2:14 / 5:40 Rx
    Sarge 85 / 1:53 / 4:29 Rx
    Laurie 33 x 20 reps (!) / 1;59 / 5:20 Rx
    Emily 45 (to black bench) / 2:05 / 3:45 (44 SU)
    Mark 75 / 1:33 / 2:43 Rx
    Gunter 45 (55 x 9) / 1;39 / 3:00 (SU)

    Great job 5pm-ers! Special shout out to Laurie and Karen – I’ve never seen you do that many DUs in a workout and i was really impressed! Also great job Mark for the fastest 500m and fastest overall cash out time.

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