Daily WOD – October 19, 2011

Waking up and warming up at 6am

For time, complete:

  • 21 pull ups, 21 sit ups, 100 ft walking lunge
  • 18 pull ups, 18 sit ups, 100 ft walking lunge
  • 15 pull ups, 15 sit ups, 100 ft walking lunge
  • 12 pull ups, 12 sit ups, 100 ft walking lunge
  • 9 pull ups, 9 sit ups, 100 ft walking lunge
  • 6 pull ups, 6 sit ups, 100 ft walking lunge
  • 3 pull ups, 3 sit ups, 100 ft walking lunge
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  1. We had an awesome 6:15am class this morning with a 6 person turn out! Way to keep up the intensity on this one… who knew an entirely bodyweight/gymnastics WOD could hurt so bad? (hint – we did!)

    Eric 16:28
    Joe 15:22 (subbed 27″ box jump for PU)
    Matt 27:30 (G+B -> JPU)
    Killa 17:45 (Purple)
    Dan 23:28 Rx
    Emily 18:58 (JPU)

  2. 5pm and 6pm results
    Laurie 17:33 (Green)
    Karen 21:17 (Green + black)
    John 10:15
    Todd 13:39

    Great seeing you Todd and Andrea! Congrats to Karen for hitting 2 full ROM pull-ups with the black band! Rx are knocking on your doorstep!

  3. O’Neills Garage

    Deirdre 15:57 (subbed push ups for pullups)
    Spence 16:40 Rx
    Spotts 19:30 Rx
    Barb 21:19 (mental floss)
    Chuck 18:54 Rx

    The rain was a nice touch on this wod, Barb thinking we had to lunge 100 ft 21 times was even better.

  4. Late Shift @ the OG:
    Scott 14:14
    Cragle 13:40
    Lunging in the pouring rain and having to do pullups right after was a special treat. That’s what I call preparing for the unknown and unknowable.

  5. Thanks Nikki, It was great to see you guys too! That was a fun one yesterday.

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