Daily WOD – Nov 7, 2019

…just trying to be Betsy when I grow up.

Complete 3 rounds, starting a new movement every 3 minutes of:

  • 500/400m row
  • 30 burpees
  • 20x10yd shuttle run

Open Notes:  The last week of the Open is here!  Come out to the gym around 5:45 on Friday to watch our final headliner heat of our 55+ age athletes.  Stick around afterward for some wings and fun.  BYO snacks and beverages.

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  1. 6:15
    Fili- Major League
    Hannah- Overboard
    KtL- The Philadelphia Story
    Ceil- Pulp Fiction
    Karen- White Christmas
    Mike D.- Big Trouble in Little China
    Craig- Gladiator
    DE- Gangs of New York
    Faith- Interstellar

    Apparently I have an unconscious bias towards any films that include Kurt Russel. 5:15ers, and for that matter anybody who feels inclined, post your favorite movie in the comments below!

  2. Fievel, Fievel Goes West, Fern Gully, and/or any of the Fast and Furious movies.

  3. Bone Tomahawk. rated R for a reason. it is really, really intense.

  4. CORRECTION. Bone Tomahawk is my fave Kurt Russel movie. All time fave is Sleepers. Ensemble cast. Main themes are revenge and friendship, fam.

  5. Favorite Kurt Russel movie is definitely Road House or Point Break.

  6. 9:30
    Emily- Hocus Pocus
    Jenn- Gladiator
    Joel- Braveheart
    Bob- Caddyshack
    Abby- Casino
    Paul- The Town
    Andrew- Rocky/ The Little Mermaid
    Tom- The Godfather
    Elissa- Mean Girls
    Marissa- The Lion King

  7. The Princess Bride, Forrest Gump, Clueless are my top 3. Mean Girls is up there. Also all 8 Harry Potters. And silly comedies – Wedding Crashers, Stepbrothers, The Hangover, etc.

  8. Hey Kehl… Those aren’t Kurt Russel movies bro… I think you’re thinking of Patrick Swayze.. but definitely great movies all the same!

    1. No, I think you are thinking of Chris Farley or Will Smith…not Swayze. I get those 2 confused sometimes. But Swayze was great in Overboard with Meryl Streep.

      1. hahahahaha

  9. Favorite movies: Pulp fiction, inglorious bastards, Django, Hateful eight , Harry Potter series, Dirty Dancing, Star Wars (favorites 4-6, then 1-3 (not as good but will still watch them), don’t even get me started on 7 and 8), Eat Pray Love, Casino, Overboard, etc.

  10. Sky High is a Kurt Russell classic…

  11. 5pm results – favorite movie, tv, book character
    Jill W – Thor
    Zoe – Sponge Bob
    Rich – Top Gun
    Jimena – Bridget Jones
    Jesse St – Stringer Bell
    Tim – Jules Winnfield
    Rocco – Harry Potter books
    Janet – NCIS
    Moira – Elizabeth Bennett

  12. Top picks are:
    Big Lebowski, True Grit and then Rocky 1, 4, Balboa, 2, 3 and 5 in that order.

    1. Which True Grit John? Original or recent remake? Remake is SOLID.

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