Daily WOD – May 6, 2020

At-Home Workout #54

Warm Up

Complete 3 rounds of:

  • 5 push ups
  • 10 sit ups
  • 15 squats


  • 1 handstand kick up
  • 20 lateral squats (10R/10L)
  • 1 handstand kick up
  • 20 2-arm bent over rows
  • 1 handstand kick up
  • 10 arm bars (5/side)
  • 1 handstand kick up

Workout of the Day

Complete 12-9-6-3 reps for time of:

  • Turkish get ups 
  • Strict handstand push ups
  • L-sit pull ups

Cash Out

  • 50R/50L standing oblique crunches

Cool Down

  • Supine T-spine twist (1 min/side)

WOD Notes: Click here for a video explanation of today’s workout. The WOD is a lot of slow, hard core and upper body work… For a breakout video of the Turkish get up click here. In place of strict HSPU you can sub A-frame push ups, 2x strict shoulder presses, or 2x push ups. The sub for L-sit pull ups is 1x shoot thrus (demoed on video).

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  1. 16:50 Rx 52.5# DB

  2. 10:24 – 15# DB, HSPU to pillow, shoot thrus, cash out 26# KB

  3. 18:06
    20#db-2x strict press and shoot thrus (ouch!)
    Cash out with 30#kb

  4. 18:35
    15#DB on the getup
    30# DB strict shoulder press
    L sit pulls ups, resetting after each one

    15# DB on the cash out

  5. 13:38
    10# DB for TGU, HSPU to a pillow, tried my best to do L-sit pullups – legs not exactly parallel to the ground but close (could do 1-3 at a time)
    Cash out w/ 10# DB

  6. 20:40
    25# tgu
    4” HSPU
    Strict pull-ups
    35# cash out

  7. 17:07
    8#DB for TGU
    HSPU to 4” Block
    Shoot thrus –
    ( got a few tuck pull ups,but, only 1 L-sit, so, I switched to shoot thrus)
    Cash Out – 20#DB

  8. 12 PM Virtual WOD Results:
    Weirich and Comaskey annual picnic!
    Shania 21:06 (knee-assisted PU, shoot thrus)
    Eilish 21:06 (knee-assisted PU, shoot thrus)
    Nicole W. 15:43 (a-frame PU, shoot thrus)
    Alex W. 15:43 (2x 85# BB PP & goblet squat w/ 35# KB, handstand hold + PUs)

  9. 23:14
    TGU – 15# DB
    HSPU – to yoga block
    L-sit pull ups – 3 per round (these were very challenging!)
    Cash out: 30# DB

  10. Kelsey- 21:53. 35#KB, stink bugs on 20” box w/ pad, shoot through
    Mado- 19:10. 25#DB, stink bugs on 20” box, L-sit pull/chin up alternating.

  11. Did yesterday’s workout (Kelly)
    5rds: 400m, 15/15

  12. 22:20 (35# KB). Tougher than expected.

  13. 20:23
    20.6lb DB for TGU
    4” pillow for HSPU
    L-sit pull-ups
    Skipped the cashout because I actually did those yesterday 😊
    I like these slow-moving workouts 😃😃

  14. Modified Kelly
    Row and step-ups no time just moved

  15. Saw this workout and just had to do it! It’s the test the actors in “300” did at the end of their 14 week training session:

    25 pullups
    50 deadlifts (135#)
    50 pushups
    50 box jumps
    50 floor wipers (135#)
    50 clean and press (35# DBs) (theses got ugly fast!)
    25 pull-ups
    I want to do that again, but I’ll modify the clean and press to be thrusters at 75#

    1. That is awesome! Great movie, looks like a great workout, must try. THIS IS SPARTA!

      1. We used to do this one back in the day at the old gym! It is much harder to program when there are more than 4 people in a class, glad to see someone unearthed it!

  16. 20:15
    5LB for TGU
    20# 2 hand shoulder press
    Shoot thrus
    15# Cashout

  17. 18:05
    25# TGU
    Strict PU
    2X PU
    35# Cash out

  18. 13:42
    15# TGU, 2x pushups, L-Pull up modification

  19. Did yesterday’s workout with the husband today. The rain was a nice touch 😂

    34:35 , step ups , thrusters with a 22lb kb, although I’d argue my husband was doing more of a push press or mini thruster … Hahaha

  20. Energy is not there today, did this NFT
    Bag of water bottles used with Turkish get ups
    Knees to elbows instead of pushups
    2 arm row + 1.5 x crunches instead of the other thing lol
    53lbs KB
    Cashout with big red too

  21. Marsha and Jeff
    Lits of subs
    Stopwatch ( or operator) malfunction
    My shoulders are fried!

  22. No ICA WOD for us today. But we did a Tabata class. We’ll be doing a double WOD tomorrow 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    1. Ooof, double WOD should be fun! Keep it up guys.

  23. 6 PM Virtual WOD Results:
    Swetha 20:06 (30 DB, box A-frame, DB snatches + sit ups)
    Kyle E. 20:34 (20 DB, 30 DB strict PP, burpees)

  24. 25# TGU (didn’t have the 53 in me today)
    Strict HSPUs to 3”
    Shoot throughs

  25. Modified yesterday’s Kelly
    Missy – 24:13; 5 rds– 200 single unders, 30 step-ups to 18″, 30 35# DB thrusters
    Sean – NFT mountain climbers, step ups to 18″, 30 44# KB thrusters

  26. I did an at home kickboxing class. It was so much fun.

    1. haha, solid kick Liz!

  27. Did 5k for time instead of the WOD (I love running in spring rain!) 34:58, felt awesome.

  28. I did Monday 5/4 workout instead of today’s.
    Deadlifts – 45 bar & modified rolling ab work – unbroken
    Not unbroken: 2x single unders (tripped on myself, awesome), KB swings (25#kb, my hands needed a break), push ups with a band on the floor

  29. 24:54. Took it as a skill day. TGU, 21# DB. HSPU. L sit pull ups from the rafter.

  30. Results:
    6:00 am
    John 21:12 (62# KB)
    Murray 21:12 (50# DB, 4″ hspu)

  31. 23:16, 30#db for TGU, HSPU to yoga block, and shoot throughs!

  32. 🙂
    12# -tug
    Handstand with yoga block as target
    Shoot throughs

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