Daily WOD – Mar 7, 2023

Mado flying through rope climbs!

Workout of the Day

Complete 6 rounds, each for time:

  • 10* toes to bar
  • 20* kettlebell swings (53/35#)
  • 30* double unders

Start a new round every 4 minutes.

*If you complete the round in less than 2:30, add extra reps to the next round: 1 rep T2B, 2 reps KBS, and 3 reps DU. (Final round could be as high as 15 toes to bar, 30 KBS, and 45 DU.)

WOD Notes: Aim to complete each round in the 2:30 range… if you go faster you will have the “opportunity” to tack on extra reps the next round! Each round will be hard capped at 3 minutes to ensure at least 1 minute of rest. (Added challenge: If you’re proficient at all 3 of these movements, consider starting with the 15/30/45 reps and try to hang on for all 6 rounds!)

Community Notes: Happy birthday Daniel K!


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