Daily WOD – Mar 20, 2020

At-Home WOD #7

Warm Up 

3 rounds of:

  • 10 squats
  • 10 walking planks
  • 10 quadruped t-spine twists
  • 20 jumping jacks

Workout of the Day

Complete 15 rounds for time of:

  • 20 (exceedingly long) walking lunge steps
  • 10 push ups

Cash Out

  • Complete 50 bird-dogs per side (any order)

Cool Down

  • Tree pose (single leg balance) – 1 min each leg
  • Door jam hamstring stretch – 1 min each leg

WOD Notes: Click here for a video explanation of today’s WOD. Record time and photos to comments!  If you are not comfortable with walking lunges, consider any of the following subs: 20 backwards lunges in place,  20 split squats, 20 broomstick good mornings,  or 100-150m run (or row). Push ups can be scaled by decreasing reps, elevating your upper body, or rolling/worming them.

Community Notes: Happy birthday KtL! Post your result and we’ll do your burpees from home!

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This Post Has 67 Comments

  1. 20:25 mod push ups
    My helper was not impressed 😂

  2. 23:20. Pu on knee’s concentrated on form today.
    Had a workout Buddy today.

  3. 37:02 (last 2 rounds of pushups were kinda sloppy)

  4. Haha, Carver is a beast!!

  5. Carver and Sage crushed it!

  6. Little modification 😂… just cause… I can 🤪
    Still works the legs pretty good 🔥
    5 rounds for time:
    20 (10/leg) front lunge with12# DBs
    10 pushups (with small band)
    20 (10/leg) back lunge with12# DBs
    10 Push ups w/band
    20 (10/leg) Bulgarian split squat (4 inch elevated back foot) with12# DBs
    10 push ups w/band
    Time: 22:51

  7. 25:43
    Walking lunges with (2)15# DBs – I may be regretting this later!!
    Rounds 1-3: 10 push ups
    Rounds 4-15: 5 push ups

  8. Your family videos are the highlight of the day!
    16:58 w/ modified push ups

  9. 26:35
    20 goblet squats/round w/ 40lb KB
    10 pushups

    1. 300 goblet squats Sean B! That will feel good tomorrow. Keep it up.

  10. 21:23 – good mornings and push ups

  11. 15:02 – 20 lunges – 5 push ups x 15

    I hope I can walk tomorrow!

    Celebrate the Burpees 😘. Huzzah!

    Thank you for the wonderful workouts !!!!

    1. KtL, Happy Birthday! Hiw many burpees are we doing?

      1. 32
        Never trust a lady who reveals her real age🥰
        – Oscar Wilde

  12. 22:34 Rx


  13. 18:50 RX
    PU – rd 1-7 unbroken, rd 8-15 completed in 2-3 sets

    1. Look at those arms !!!

    2. The Michael Jordan poster ties it all together, it suddenly feels like we need one of those in our house. Keep it up Betsy!

  14. Nicole – pushed Heidi in stroller during lunges, modified push ups. 17:53

    Alex – RX 19:29

    1. And we did KTL Birthday Burpees!!

  15. 16:50….had to finish each round of push ups before my dog came back with the frisbee 😀

  16. 25:38. used my deep freezer to do push up

  17. 21:40 nice and sweaty.

    +1mile jog/1 mile sloow walk

  18. Brian- 19:51
    John- 19:55

    400m run
    25 front squat 95#
    400m run
    20 front squat 115#
    400m run
    15 front squat 135#
    400m run
    10 front squat 155#
    400m run
    5 front squat 185#

    Jill- wod – push ups from knee – 19:31
    Jameson – Rx ish
    Andrew – lunges and 10 med ball deads at 16#

  19. 25:06 Rx+ – 8lb KB Front Rack Lunges. Which was probably a bad decision.

    I really liked this one even though the last 3 rounds really hurt my feelings

  20. ~27 min, Rx +20lb weighted vest

  21. Warneks
    Nik 13:40 Rx
    John 14:16 DC lunge (not touching knee bc pavement)

  22. 15 Rft
    20 walking lunges
    12 push ups
    12 alternating pistols
    W/ 20# vest

  23. 20:05 PU round 1 through 3 unbroken. The rest 7 then 3.

  24. 20:04
    Round 1-6 10 incline pushups
    Rounds 7-15 Split squats with 5 incline pushups
    I miss working out with other people 🙁

  25. Jimena 22:04 (Knee PU ) Unbroken
    Rich 22:10 (with Backpack with 20 lbs of Plates) Unbroken

  26. 21:30 – used a resistance band for push ups

    1. Good stuff Averie! You’ve been going strong through week 1. Tell JRod to start posting her numbers too!

  27. Knee is tweaky from yesterday so subbed 20 good mornings and 10 stair pushups. Had to move up one stair after round 6, then abandoned pushups for the last 4 rounds because my shoulder was feeling irritated. Tomorrow will be a rest day 🙂

  28. 19:35 good mornings and lunges.

  29. Tavenners

    Jenn 18:10 RX up hill lunges
    Lanna 19:57 5 knee PUs
    Davin 18:49 10 knee PUs
    Happy birthday, KtL!! Def gonna feel those lunges tomorrow! Sending fist pumps to all you guys!! #icastrong💪🏼

  30. Happy birthday Ktl!

    NFT but it was a long one… 10 lunges 1.5 pood kB in front rack

  31. Miscommunication on setting the timer!
    10lb db each hand for lunges
    Strict push ups
    KtL’s burpees

  32. 26:24
    4 Rounds of DC lunges before switching to air squats (knees don’t like lunges) but for my 11 set of air squats I did 25 squats each round
    30x crunches instead of pushups

  33. Slight modification to this one:
    1 mi run – 9:08
    10 rounds* of: 25 lunges, 15 push ups – 25:28
    1 mi run – 9:08
    43:44 tots

    *started this part w/a weight vest. That was dumber than shaking hands with someone, so I got rid of the vest after rd 1. 😀

    David Rx’d mowing the lawn, weedwacking and using the blower w/ONE arm!

    1. I am fascinated that you can run the same mile pace at the beginning and end. Well done Erin! Get ready for the mile tomorrow!

      1. Surprised the heck out of me, too. I have one speed—go. 😀

  34. 15:48 Rx

  35. Yep, this pretty much sums it up. 19:27 rx

  36. 24:47 After 3 rounds I realized it was for time. So I had to start over. Fun times!

  37. Jeff and Marsha rest day

  38. Lunges not very low because this is a bad knee day. But did all. Chair push ups. 10 rounds of 10 pu, last 5 only 5 pu. 13:46

  39. 24:48
    20 goblet squats/round w/ 20lb KB
    10 incline pushups

    Yay!! Outside workout!

  40. Sigals
    Adam ran 5 miles this morning before heading into an evening shift. I did a 5 mile mental health walk. Needed to turn off my brain and enjoy some ☀️. Keep up the good work ICA. This gym have kept us sane during these difficult times for our family and our community. Stay healthy and please continue social distancing. Theses doctors appreciate everyone’s sacrifices

    1. Best advice out there and I hope Team Sigal is taking care of themselves. You guys are the best!!!

  41. 23:16, but I’m pretty sure it was 17 rounds. I just did the 400 m loop. Downhill push ups are interesting.

  42. Completed. No idea on time. Both kids were needy, but fun and constantly needed stuff from the garage out.

  43. I forgot to time it but Max and I did lunges and elevated pushups. Sofia did a little bit of her her own thing with lunges and some sort of volleyball exercise. Again – were all still moving!!!

  44. Traci: 24:19
    (Scale/Mod: Good mornings with the broom, and 5 banded push-ups per round.)
    Rob: 5 mile run

  45. Did this on post-run legs, we’ll see if I can walk tomorrow 😉24:30 Rx

    1. You know what will fix that? A good mile sprint. Can’t wait to see your time!

  46. Erik – 5 PU, Backward Lunges 16:38
    Sara – Scaled WOD, same time

  47. 17-ish Rx – squeezed it in between video conferences (well there was no video after this one ;). I didn’t have chips so I used pool toys to count my rounds…

  48. 10 rounds 22:29 (hamstring problems)


  49. 20:15

  50. 17:55
    Standing in-place alternating forward and backward lunges
    Alternating wide and narrow width PU

  51. Great workout!
    20:52 – banded PU

  52. 23:39
    Walking lunges
    Modified push-ups (with band /on knees) but did all 10 per round & shoulders feel good!

  53. Swapped out for a basic trail run today. Just what the doctor ordered

  54. 40min bike ride

  55. 23:17.. good week of workouts!

  56. 10 backward lunges-10 chair push ups

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