Covid-19 Gym Updates (200319)

Please watch for important updates on our gym’s response to Covid-19. Watch till the end to learn about our equipment loan-out plans!

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  1. Thanks for all the creative workouts and standing up such a wonderful fitness community for us all. So glad I walked through the door 3 years ago, as it push me back towards wellness path.

    Kyle E

  2. What is this salty discharge coming out of my eyes? 😭😭😭

    I love and miss everyone, too. We’re gonna make it ❤️❤️

  3. You guys rock! Thank you for remaining so positive and continuing to push us. This social distancing sucks… I miss seeing everyone at ICA.

  4. You guys have been a huge part of my fitness journey… and life in general for the last 7 years. WE will come back better and stronger than ever! And don’t make me cry Nikki! Love you guys!

  5. Thank you Nikki and John for posting those very creative at home workouts for us to do. You two are deeply devoted wonderful coaches who along with the other coaches run an amazing gym. And the community that is apart of ICA is an absolutely wonderful community. Every single person apart of the ICA family are wonderful and I am grateful that I get to workout with them. And grateful to be apart of this wonderful community. Have been since March of 2016. We will get through this and we will get back to the gym and get back to our ICA routine. I will be very happy when I get to look up at that ICA sign as I am walking through the open garage door. ICA STRONG!

  6. Thanks Nikki and John! You have our support!

  7. Thank you Nikki and John for everything you guys are doing. I’m still a new member to the gym but everyone is so welcoming and fun to workout with. It is not an ideal situation right now but your dedication to the members is outstanding! I’m not kidding, I look forward to watch the video at 9:00 pm to see your faces and see what’s up for the next day…and Carver and Sage are so adorable 😊. I can’t wait to be back in the gym but for now, keep up the good work, EVERYONE appreciate what you do for all of us.

  8. John/Nik: A member for life here! (Well at least until I move to Denver in 10 years) 😀

  9. Thanks for your endless support to our fitness and greatly appreciate the virtual workouts!

    Stay ICA Strong!

  10. It’s a weird time! Working from home, schooling from home, staying home!!! One thing remains the same, we still look forward to checking the blog at 9PM to see what were going to put ourselves through the next day. It’s a calming refresher of normal daily life! Although we’re not going to the gym, we’re still working out together! Thank you for everything you do!

  11. Nikki and John thank you for everything you are doing to keep us connected and motivated – I truly appreciate your creativity and look forward to each new workout! I am grateful to be part of this community – thanks!

  12. I love you guys so much!!! I haven’t been with the gym a year yet and already you are family!!! We’re 100% with you all of the way!!! Thank you so much for everything you do!!

    And to the ICA fit fam as a whole: if you’re struggling right now and need some help, let me know. Even if we haven’t met yet! Whether it’s TP, you need someone to go to the store for you, you just need to talk to somebody, etc. We’re fit fam and we’re all in this together! No shame asking for help! We got you!

  13. We’re with you guys!!! Jimena and I have been with ICA for little over 6 months and we already feel like ICA is our extended family. Thank you for uniting our Fit Fmaily! Thank you for everything you’re doing.

  14. Keep it up! We are all in the same boat.
    This is physical distance, not social distance.

  15. Nikki and John – you guys are keeping us sane!! Thank you for everything you’re doing and the community you’ve created. We are so grateful for you and the ICA family.
    The Speirs

  16. You guys have our full support. Can’t thank you enough for all that you are doing! We hope everyone at ICA is healthy and staying occupied and engaged during this unprecedented time. We look forward to seeing again; hopefully sooner rather than later. Be well!

  17. I hate that I can’t hug you both right now!!
    You have gotten all of us all through good times and difficult times and have always been amazing. We will absolutely get through this, kick it’s ass and come through stronger than ever!!
    What a magical family you’ve created.
    Thank you. Miss you. Love you!!
    Kerri & Stuart

  18. Thank you all so much! This really means a ton to us and we can’t tell you how much we miss being in the gym with you every day. We’ve got this!

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