Equipment Sign Out!

As mentioned on our video last night, we’re excited to loan out our dumbbells and kettlebells for your personal use during our gym shutdown.  If every member has one DB or KB in hand, we can greatly expand the movements we program for our at-home WODs. For those interested in participating in the equipment loan program, the basic guidelines are as follows:

  1. Equipment pick up will take place this Sunday between 4:00-6:00pm.
    • The expectation is you’ll drive up, we’ll drop a DB or KB in your trunk or back seat, and you’ll drive off. With the mandatory business closure, no one will be allowed in the gym.
    • If you have P3 meals in the fridge, please note that on the spreadsheet and we’ll grab your food for you!
  2. To register for a piece of equipment, go to this spreadsheet and fill out your name, preferred object (KB vs DB) and preferred weight range. It should be something you can push press as least 5-15 times in a row with each hand.
    • Please only fill out the sheet if you do not have access to a KB or DB already. 
    • You may not get the weight or object you specifically requested but we will do what we can!
    • Fill in your name next to the time you’ll arrive (1 minute increments).  Be as close to on time as possible
  3.  In order to get the gym back up and running as quickly as possible, we’ll begin collecting the equipment in similar fashion as soon as we have an opening date.

Please fill out the spreadsheet by Saturday at 8:00pm so we can figure out the equipment assignment before Sunday!

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