Daily WOD – Mar. 21, 2020

At-Home WOD #8

Warm Up

  • 400m warm up run
  • 5 each side of: runner’s stretch, sideways lunges, and crossover toe touches
  • 10 each side of: ankle rolls (clockwise), ankle rolls (counterclockwise), ankle flex/extend
  • 20 each side of: high knees, butt kicks
  • 30 jumping jacks

Workout of the Day Person Running on emojidex 1.0.34

  • Run 1600m (sub: 8 minutes)
  • Rest 4 minutes
  • Run 800m (sub: 4 minutes)
  • Rest 3 minutes
  • Run 400m (sub: 2 minutes)
  • Rest 2 minutes
  • Run 200m (sub: 1 minute)

Cash Out

  • Practice handstand holds and press-to-handstands

Cool Down

  • Calf stretch on wall – 30 seconds each side
  • Crossover hip stretch – 1 minute on each side

WOD Notes: Click here for a video explanation of today’s WOD.  If you don’t already have 1600m, 800m, 400m, and 200m routes figured out, we strongly recommend using mapmyrun.com.  Alternately, you can run (or do any cardio of your choosing) for the time listed in parentheses. For this style of workout, you should treat each interval like it’s your only one. Go hard! Compare to 170801.

FUCS Challenge Notes: By now you’ve completed 3 full days of the nutrition & fitness challenge. We hope you’re feeling great and motivated as you head into your first weekend! During most nutrition challenges, the weekends are the hardest part. At least there’s one upside of the current COVID-19 situation: we’re not going out to the bars and restaurants this weekend! Nonetheless, it’s important to have a plan for what you’ll eat (and when you’ll eat it). Don’t wait until you’re hungry to plan your next meal – that will increase the likelihood of making poor food choices. Try to write down your meal plan first thing every morning. When it’s in writing, you’re more likely to stick to it!

Equipment Loan Notes: You have until Saturday at 8pm to sign up if you’d like to borrow a KB or DB for the duration of the gym closure. Click here for more info.

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This Post Has 73 Comments

  1. It may have taken the #fucschallenge2020, but I have a feeling there are gonna be a ton of ICA runners our there tomorrow. Gonna be a nice, cool day for running.

  2. Feeling those lunges from yesterday!
    1600 m 8:17 min
    800 m 3:54 min
    400 m 2:09 min
    200 m 1:02 min

    1. Me too! It definitely made running uphill a lot harder!

  3. First time running in a year. Worked on form!!! Still so excited about my times and recovery!!
    Thank you for all the support and the workouts!!
    1600- 11:15
    800. – 5:08
    400 – 1:46
    200 – :46

    1. great job Karen!

  4. Or over in Limerick a dinosaur will be crashing thru the woods.

  5. Can’t run yet and don’t have a bike or rowing machine at home so I guess I’ll backtrack and do a different workout from this week today

  6. Kelsey: 3.17 miles total
    Mile 1: 10:40
    Mile 2: 1000m run and walk
    Mile 3: 800m run with on and off run for the rest

    Mado: Ran with Kona (our dog). Couldn’t even think about running an 8min mile so did something a little different 🤪
    Mile 1: 10:47
    Mile 2: 10:05
    Mile 3: 9:00

  7. Diana: 7:23, 3:30, 1:20, :38
    Jerid: 7:48, 3:31, 1:18, :33
    50 push up cash out. Reeves park is great for this!

    1. Dang those are some fast times, well done!

  8. Apparently my house is in a valley as all directions were, or at least felt like, uphill. It wasn’t fast or pretty.

    1. Yes! A post from Rick! Was looking forward to your banter. Having run the Beer Mile at your house, I would agree—all uphill! 😀

  9. Heather
    1 handstand hold lol

    1. Awesome times, Heather!

  10. No workout today, but today’s goal is to make a makeshift ring row rig in the garage. Have to keep up working towards a pull up. Will post final product when done.

    1. Nice Tom, I look forward to seeing it!

  11. Since running was the workout, I decided to give back and take a shelter dog out for a run. A brisk 5k with this gal!

    1. Jenn , that’s awesome! What shelter did you go to?

  12. 1600- 8:19
    800- 3:51
    400- 1:45
    200- :45
    Did DB push presses for a cash out (15#)

  13. 1600 – 7:45
    800 – 3:50
    400 – 1:58
    200 – 1:02
    Ran the ICA course because it is flat and its a known and familiar distance. Good to see Ricky setting up for equipment distribution tomorrow! Stay strong this week.

  14. No times to shares but I ran. It’s slow getting back to things but still moving.

  15. My workout today is cleaning and scrubbing floors for time 🤣🤣

    Lila is impatiently waiting until I’m done to watch Frozen 2 😃

  16. I may have a sub 8 min mile in me this spring.

    8:02 – def a PR

    and a bunch of awkward wall walk ups

    1. We’ll have another timed mile for sure. Cant’ wait to witness the sub-8!

  17. Doing this right after lunch was a bad choice. 🤢
    1600- 7:57
    800- 3:57
    400- 1:54
    200- 1:01

  18. Nik 7:55/3:10/1:23/:43
    John 7:58/3:24/1:19/:38

  19. Kids and Nicole working hard while I ran! Nicole needs a kick to do this one 😉
    1 minute of handstand hold

  20. Did it. Gavin did it faster.

  21. 1600m — 7:45 minutes
    800m — 4:08 minutes
    400m — 1:28 minutes
    200m 35 seconds

  22. No Run today. Legs a bit sore from the last couple if WODS.
    So we went for 3.0 mile hike in Valley Forge which included up Mt,. Misery.

    1. Sounds like a perfect way to enjoy today’s weather!

  23. I was really excited to see this WOD and thought I’d be able to complete it Rx. Nope, nope
    1600m 9:59 (but at least not 10 minutes 🙂
    800m 5:33
    400m 2:40
    100m 1:15

  24. Jill- 10:05, 4:44, 2:04, :47
    Brian – 9:04, 4:21, 1:54, :36
    John- 8:24, 3:55, 1:34, :37
    Jimbo – don’t know but somehow he beat me on the 200 🤦‍♂️😥

    Earlier in the day – team of 3 (brian, John, Ethan)
    One person working at a time
    100 dead lifts
    80 front squats
    60 hang power cleans
    40 push jerks
    20 thrusters
    Every 90 seconds everyone does 5 burpees
    Straight Into 3000m team row
    29ish minutes

  25. Subbed rowing
    1600 – 6:20
    800 – 2:59
    400 – 1:24
    200 – :37

  26. 8:39
    And I had help from this handsome pup!!

  27. 1600m 6:56
    Didn’t track times for any other distances
    All-in time, including 9 min of rest, was 21:49.7
    4.2 miles total Including the warm up and cool down jogs.

  28. With Heidi in jogger
    1600m- 9:12
    1200m -7:00 (misread the blog oops!)
    800m- 3:57
    400m- 2:00
    200m- 1:03

    1. Badass, Nicole!

  29. 1600 – 7:51
    800 – 3:46
    400 – 1:44
    200 – 0:38

    1. Great job Faith!

  30. Thoughts from today:
    – I learned how to change my Garmin from miles to KM and back again
    – One Reeves Park lap is just shy of 800m
    – Even though I have run few times since Aug, somehow my mile pace hasn’t changed (Thank you ICA workouts)
    – we can still workout “together;” all of these posts as keeping us accountable, involved and — most of all — feeling connected

    Todays’s results:
    1600m: 7:52
    800m: 3:55
    400m: 1:47
    200 + 10m: :50

    I am feeling yesterday’s lunges! But this was great to knock out the soreness.

    1. And PS: I had a Tim sighting on my run! (Don’t worry, we stayed physically distant!)

    2. [Nik] My take-away, I can’t wait to get some runs in with you when this is all over so we can push each other on the mile!

  31. Liz (can I check running off of my goals for 2020?!)
    1mile: 9:04
    800: 4:18
    400: 1:43
    200: .53

    1mile: 6:40
    800: 3:03
    400: 1:19
    200: .42

    Holy lung burner.

    1. Wow guys well done! Sean, a 4 hunfo squat with a sub 7 mile is rare country, you should be stoked

      1. Thanks John! Going to need to take a rest day. After Friday and Saturday’s WODs, I’m currently in the market for a walker haha.

  32. That was horrible! And I lost my times.🙂

  33. 5k row: 19:39

    And I’m just going to leave this here as I’m pretty sure it would’ve been playing in all classes today if ICA were open. RIP Kenny.

  34. Rowing subbed for the runs

  35. Tavenners
    **cough**Fran lungs not Corona 🤣
    Social distance running with Liz and Sean

    Jello legs Jenn

    Lanna and Davin 😊
    Run/walk 2 miles

  36. The track I was on didn’t agree with the Strava app on distance, then my battery died so taking best guess here…
    1mile 6mim
    800m 2:50
    400m 1:15
    200m 40sec

  37. Sigals biked for 30 minutes and did a 4 mile hike. I held a yoga headstand for over three minutes.

    1. Sounds like great day of fitness!!

  38. Many lessons today. VF park too crowded. Local road not as flat as I thought. Carrying large cell phone in pocket does not work well. I run like an old wounded moose only a lot slower. No distance measured just subbed times. Sara hustled along too.

  39. Having fun upside down

  40. Rowing with my spirit animal!

    1600m 7:29
    800m 3:35
    400m 1:44
    200m :51

  41. Rowed instead of running. 4165m total in 15:00 of work. 1:48 ave

  42. Still have not mapped out a course in my neighborhood! So, I did this interval on the treadmill. Kind of feels like cheating since I can set the pace and force the leg turnover.
    Completed a wall walk up, kick up to handstand, and a feeble attempt to kick up, hold, and straddle down.


    1. #nailedit!

  43. 4 mile hike with vest at Schuylkill Canal Park’s ravines.

    Can’t wait to be able to move fast again. Soon!

  44. Hiked a little over 2 miles. Accidentally picked a steep, rocky trail lol. Anybody have a nice flat trail to recommend?

    1. Lori, The Perkiomen Trail is a good one (https://goo.gl/maps/rA9xwXY2y4mqB7LF8).

      Also, right by Produce Junction, you can access the Schuylkill River Trail. It runs along the canal and heads toward Oaks. Totally flat, nice cinder trail. It’s well-traversed even in “regular” times. Here’s a good link as to where to park: https://goo.gl/maps/4ft64NkdpSkYrKb7A. Walk with the river to your right, canal to your left and you’ll have LOTS of miles to be able to take.

  45. How the heck is everyone so fast at running?! 😭

  46. 40 minute bike ride. Some nice hills included.

  47. Just finished @ Reeves Park

    1600m – 7:29
    800m – 3:47
    400m – 1:57
    200m – :47

  48. 5 mile hike w/the fam today. Evansburg State Park loop. Nice.

  49. 1600- 8:03
    :48 handstand hold. 🙃

    Christine G

  50. Swetha
    5k run 39 minutes

  51. In case anyone else was thinking of venturing to the track in Phoenixville in the near future, the fence is a LOT higher than 4 ft (spoiler, I did not attempt it)! But, there is a relatively flat sidewalk/blacktop area that goes around the track that is useful!
    1.1 mi – 6:15
    0.5 – 2:55
    0.25 – 1:11
    0.12 – 0:28.74

  52. 1600- 8:50
    800- 4:11
    400- 2:31
    200- 51 sec

  53. I did this a day late and forgot the 200m, but here’s what I got (and the borough is so damn hilly!!) Bonus – I got to visit my Dad at the end
    1600 – 11:40
    800 – 5:21
    400 – 3:01 (I’m going to blame this on the hill on Lincoln Ave)

  54. I did this yesterday (sat 3/21) but forgot to post.
    Alternate scale + 2 kids
    1600: 7:36
    800: 3:43
    400: 1:47
    200: 49 sec
    Also walked 3+ miles while the kids biked SVT 🙂

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