Daily WOD – Mar 22, 2020

Warm up

3 rounds of:

  • 9 jumping squats
  • 6 lunge w/ rotation
  • 3 chaturanga (high plank, low plank, up dog, down dog)

Workout of the Day

AMRAP in 15 minutes of:

  • 12 chair dips
  • 12 second L-sit or tuck hold
  • 12 step ups (or jump overs)
  • 12 shoot-through (6 front / 6 back)

Cash Out

  • Max duration hang (from pull-up bar, branch, etc) 

Cool Down

  • Arm bar – 5 each side (5-15 lbs)

WOD Notes: Click here for a video explanation of today’s WOD.  You’ll need 2 chairs of equal height. If chair dips don’t feel good on your shoulders, try shortening the range of motion and increasing the reps. The cool down movement is a pec and shoulder stretch – it’s about range of motion, not weight used.

Equipment Loan Notes: KB/DB pick up is Sunday between 4:00-5:15pm. Please show up on time to help the process go as smoothly as possible! If you forget what time you signed up for, check here.  (The sheet is locked so if you still need to sign up, send us a text or email.) We hand-selected each person’s KB/DB based on safety and also to allow us the most flexibility in programming… Please let us know if you think we missed the mark on your implement.

Locally Built Boxes: If anyone is interested in purchasing a 20x24x30″ box for your home workouts, check out this box that Nicole W’s dad (a general contractor) built her and Alex this weekend! It’s solidly constructed of cabinet grade plywood, and he’s graciously offered to build them for any ICA members who’d like one. To purchase a similar box from Rogue costs $175 (after shipping and taxes) and takes 10-14 days to get delivered. Nicole’s dad can turn them around in a couple of days for $110. “No contact” pick up from the end of his driveway in Malvern (about 15 min from the gym). If you’re interested, contact Nicole at nicolecomaskey@gmail.com.

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This Post Has 22 Comments

  1. Where’s Carver? Although his form needs work his enthusiasm is contagious!

    1. Sorry, Sigal, we’ll have him back on the videos soon!!!!

  2. 10 Rounds
    Hang: 1:01, :42
    50 bridges/toe touches 15#DB

  3. 8 rounds + 24, 200 m run to playground 62 sec hold, run back

  4. 1600 – 7:03
    800 – 4:16
    400 – 1:51
    200 – :56

  5. Great workout today! 9 rounds – barely made 9 😬

  6. 9 rounds

  7. 6+24

    My shoulders are still feeling all those pushups, plus my carpal tunnel wrists, so chair dips were tougher than I expected. Lol And I was having issues timing the L-sit bc my phone kept turning off. Lol But I still liked this one 😃😃

    1:30-ish hang from branch. I have never torn my hands on the pull-up rig. I did get a little tear from the branch 🤣🤣🤣

    1. My workout for today was installing the chin up bar!

  8. 8 rounds

  9. 7 rds RX
    52 sec hang
    1 mi run cool down

  10. 10 rounds
    Forced my boyfriend to join in this one and he didn’t enjoy it as much as I did 😝

  11. We both got 6+36
    Nicole – 24” step up, 1:06 hang
    Alex – 24” box jumps 1:10 hang. But I was done at 1:07

  12. 6+28
    1:13 hold
    This was tougher than I was expecting! The hold was on a really cold monkey bar!
    Warm up was another trek through the woods with the kids!

  13. 6 + 36

    Subbed plank holds for shoot through, stepped to 3rd step but didn’t actually measure

  14. I achieved 6 + 4 rounds.

  15. 7 + 36
    17.5″ step
    43 second hokd
    This one was brutal on my wrists as well – my wrist was spent during the hold!!
    Good one though!

  16. 8 rounds even, 24″ step-ups
    1:41 hang on a 2×6 truss
    So much better than yesterday….😁

  17. 7 rounds
    Subbed the last two for 12 x 20# KB swings and 12 lemon squeezers
    1:30 hang
    Feeling the burn!

  18. 7+2 rounds
    1:23 hang

    1st 5k walk in months – running will come soon ( I hope) 🙂

  19. (Make up on 3/23)
    John – modified
    Nik – 8 rds

  20. Sofia and Ceil – 7 rounds.
    Ceil subbed plank holds for shot through last 3 rounds

    Max – 6 rounds
    overhead triceps -5#
    Step ups
    Jump rope. -25 SU

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