Daily WOD – Jun 26, 2020

ICA at the end of a double rainbow, tonight at 7pm!! A sign of all the amazing things to come!
A bad ass, kick ass crew showed up for the Last Outdoor WOD of the COVID shutdown!

Workout of the Day

5×5 back squat (65%)


Row 1000m row for time

Cash Out

Max consecutive strict pull ups/chin ups

Rest and repeat a 2nd time 

WOD Notes: Welcome back ICA!!! Day 1 in the box and we’re gonna lift heavy! Normally we would complete 5×5  squats at approx 75% of your 1RM; today we’re taking it back a notch to 65%. Over the next 2 months we’ll slowly work our way back to heavier weights, targeting new 1RMs in September. For the cash out, if you can’t do at least 5 strict pull ups, use a band or sub ring rows.

At-Home WOD: The at-home version of the WOD is posted to SugarWOD, including a recommended warm-up and cool-down. (The Cash out is the same for in-gym and at-home.) There is a short video demoing each of the movements in case you need a refresher!

Policy Notes: Remember to bring a mask (required inside the bathrooms) and a towel or mat to place on the floor (optional). Also be aware that our cancellation policy is now 4 hours in order to not be considered a late cancel. For additional information please reference: COVID Operating Guidelines and ICA Member Manual.

Class Registration: Classes may fill up these first few weeks; everyone is excited to get back in the box! Please be patient while attendance stabilizes. If you can attend “off hour” class times, please do! To help meet demand we have added a 7:00am class M-F. This class will be on the schedule throughout the summer, and we’ll reevaluate in the fall. We also added a 14th work out station (using the yoke!) to accommodate 1 additional person per class.

Standard Membership: Due to the addition of the 7am class and the 14th spot in class, we are excited to say we can accommodate up to 14 visits/month on the Standard membership. This will be effective immediately (July 1).

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  1. Post WOD parking lot beverages anyone? Beer, soda, seltzer, protein shake—I don’t care! See you in the parking lot after the 4:45!

  2. I’ll come out after I coach the 6:00!

  3. After that row?!
    Jesus…I don’t miss the erg. 😳

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