Daily WOD – Jan 6, 2012

Nothing as bad ass as a girl with a sledgehammer 🙂
The breakfast club takes it to the tire

Banded shoulder press 3 x 3

Shoulder press 1-1-1-1-1


100 sledge hammer swings (not for time)  

WOD Notes:  Sledge hits will be against a tire with a variety of weighted hammers.  Women will primarily use 6lb and men will be using 10lb.  The banded shoulder presses should be fairly light as they are preparing you to attempt a 1 rep max shoulder press.


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  1. Joe

    In for sunrise shift

  2. Joe

    Interestingly enough one of my goals this year was 100 sledge hammer swings….check

  3. Lindsey

    In for the breakfast club!!

  4. Nikki

    Great job this morning by the breakfast crew! Shoulder press results:
    Lindsey 60 (50lb x 10!!)
    Joe 155 (Great job Joe!)
    Nick 75
    Matt 110

  5. Lindsey

    Love the pics Nik!! : )

  6. Matt Flick

    Cold weather and sledgehammer swings remind me of one of my all-time favorite documentaries, Alone in the Wilderness.

  7. Jimbo

    Hey nikki, not going to make it to saturday’s workout. My chief called a staff meeting at 0900. Not happy about it. Any suggestions for a workout that I can do later in the day?

    1. Jimbo

      just realized I may be able to get there by 1100. Not sure but i will try.

  8. Mark

    Matt, I’m not sure if we ever met, but I love that documentary too. Every time it’s on PBS, I watch for hours…

  9. VeganWife

    So sad I missed this! I will be back in action next week…I have been sick 🙁

    1. Stephanie

      sorry this is Stephanie..I didn’t realize I was logged in my blog..

      1. Nikki

        We miss you too Steph! I was wondering where you disappeared to!

  10. Nikki

    Tonight’s Results:
    Cari 80
    Jeff 145
    Mike 120
    Nikki 105
    Killa 90 PR
    Karen 92 PR
    Mark 145 PR by 30#!!
    John 195
    Dan 155
    Kev 175
    Chris 120
    Mark E 125
    Phil 155

    Nice work all around on some big lifts tonight!

  11. Lindsey

    NIce lifts from everyone at the pm classes : )

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