Daily WOD – Jan 7, 2012

Mike Keeley with a great example of what the finish should look like!
Cari powering through kipping pull ups

“Badger” – 3 rounds for time of:

  • 30 squat clean (95/65#)
  • 30 pull ups
  • 800 m run


“Honey Badger” – 3 rounds for time of:

  • 20 squat clean
  • 20 pull ups
  • 400 m run

WOD Notes: Badger is a hero WOD, and it’s a doozy. We’re offering a slightly shorter version, the Honey Badger, for anyone looking to keep it under 30 minutes.

Competitor WOD: Today at 11am is our first of 5 competitor WODs. The session is free for any of our members looking to compete this season. We also welcome coaches and competitors from other gyms, but please let us know if you are planning on coming! Every week we will work 1 lift and 1-2 skills. These will be announced the night before. At the end of the session we’ll do a metcon incorporating some of the movements just practiced. The exact metcon will not be announced. This is a great opportunity to work two-a-days if you’d like, but consider scaling to the Honey Badger if you are looking to do both WODS.

This week we will work on:

  • Snatch (full squat)
  • Handstands and Handstand Push ups

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  1. Nikki

    Results from 9am and 10am

    Buzby 42:30 Rx

    Honey Badger
    Nikki 15:31 (65)
    Nicole 31:47 (65)
    Dan 29:55 (95)
    Kim 26:50 (35, G+B)
    Big Joe 28:30 (65 power clean, G)
    John 15:04 (95)
    Karen 24:14 (55)
    Phil 23:10 (95)
    Chris 21:50 (95)
    Cari 20:05 (65)
    Mike 24:03 (65, P)

  2. Nikki

    Thanks to everyone who came out or our first competitor WOD! We had a great time working on squat snatches and HSPU with you all. Join us again next week for some more Oly & gymnastics fun.

  3. Spence

    O’Neill’s Garage results for Little Badger

    Spence 18:23 (subbed 95# backsquat for cleans)
    Cragle 20:32 Rx
    Barb 24:45 (55, 10 pullups)
    Spotts 25:22 (65)

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