Daily WOD – Jan 18, 2019

Smith getting prepped for the meet!


50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of:

  • Double unders
  • Sit ups

WOD Notes:  This is one of the earliest CrossFit benchmark WODs, and it’s been a long time since we programmed it at ICA! Athletes who have previously completed Annie in sub-10 minutes should consider doubling the double-unders or adding 5-4-3-2-1 muscle ups to the end of each round. We should have plenty of extra time at the end of class for some skill work or mobilization in prep for Saturday’s meet. Compare Annie to 150715 or 140620

Weather Notes: Snow is expected tonight and Saturday night, with icy conditions predicted for Monday morning. As a reminder, if we need to cancel classes due to inclement weather, we make that information available two ways: (1) posting an update to the blog and (2) canceling the affected classes in Wellness Living (resulting in a text and email to anyone who was registered). We will make a final decision no later than 30 minutes before class begins, so please check your email and/or the blog before driving in to the gym! We make every effort to open, but will close if roads appear unsafe or if Phoenixville declares a Snow and Ice Emergency. 


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  1. Iggy

    Danielle S – 9:22 Rx
    Faith – 11:20 (45# Jump ups)
    Murray – 🙂
    Jake W – 12:22
    Jenn T – 9:25 PX
    KTS – 12:49 (MU/C2B)
    Mike D. – 🙂 MU Round1
    Steve M – 6:38 PR (no MU)

    Vollmer – 12:23 (BMUs)
    Dan E – 14:04 (BMUs)
    Jim C – 15:05
    Ken – 19:00 (2xSUs)
    Kevin B – 16:45 (2xSU)
    DE – 10:13 (Rx+ MU)
    Luke L – 🙂 (Cal Bike>DU)
    Ryan B – 13:45 (2xSU)
    Vince L – 11:35 (2xSU with PU)
    Zach S – 10:25 (Rx+ MU)
    Jen C – 8:33

  2. Boelker


    DT 13:00 (2 RCs/Rnd)
    Erin 10:14 Rx+ Strict Pull-ups
    Karen 11:12 Rx
    Andrew 13:34 Rx
    Dan T. 9:03 2XSU
    Mallowe 😉
    Emma 😉
    Ray 11:37 Rx
    Bwatson 13:43 SU
    Mel 7:39 Rx PR!
    Tobin 10:08 3XSU

    1. eQ

      Kyle 9;32 (2z SU)
      Pat B 10:01 Rx
      Frank 10:03 Rx
      John C 11:22 Rx
      Stacey 10:55 (2xSU+AB)
      Marissa 10:55 (2x SU)
      Nik 🙂
      Jeff 14:24 DUA
      Rachel 🙂
      Matt 12:11 (2xSU)
      Quinn 8:29 Rx
      Shawn 10:30 (2xSU)
      Janet 12:10 (2xSU)
      Robbie 12:59 Rx+MU
      Heath 11:40 (2xSU)
      Kehl 15:45 (550-100m Row)

  3. Nikki

    Boelker 14:30 (5-4-3-1 MU)
    Anna 11:15 (2xDU, extra round of 100/50)
    Katy 9:07 2xSU
    Moira 12:20 (10 DU each round!)
    Tim 11:49 Rx
    Fili 12:45 (PR 47 DU in a row)
    Morgan 8:02 (2xSU)
    Moore 8:39 (2xSU)
    Nikki K 8:38 (3xSU)
    Bob B 12:28 Rx

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