Daily WOD – Jan 17, 2012

Joe Miller on the power clean

5 rounds for time of:

  • 10 power clean (135/95#)
  • 10 chest to bar (C2B) pull up

Community Notes: We will have class at 4:30, 5:30, and 6:30pm today. Also, happy birthday Mom (Mary Warnek)!


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  1. Lindsey

    In for 4:30!!

  2. Killa

    Yeaaaaaaaa, about those pull-ups…may need to sub those out until my armpit recovers!haha

    1. Nikki

      I thought of that… We’ll entertain thoughts for subs, but the tight armpit really cuts out a lot of options! A low rep version might be good to get things moving… We’ll figure something out 🙂

  3. Mark

    Haha, out! If I hang on a pull-up bar, I’ll already be at C2B because my arms don’t bend. I looked like C3PO today cleaning my place.

    Happy Birthday Ma Warnek!

  4. Marie

    Happy Birthday, Mary! Have a great one!

  5. Mary

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! Mary/Mom

  6. Nikki

    Tonight’s Results:

    Joe M 11:32 Rx
    Nick 13:06 (85/ROM)
    Emily 9:31 (45/Navy)
    Lindsey 9:34 (65/green)
    Kassey 12:00 (45/P+MM+MF)
    Killa 9:56 (28″ box jump, 95#)
    Nikki 9:17 Rx
    Cari 11:46 (DC pullups)
    Karen 12:04 (Green/85)
    Chris 12:23 (115)
    Phil 12:41 Rx
    John 7:53 (155)
    Jim 9:49 (95/P)
    Joe Miller 10:58 (95/P)
    Morgan 9:40 (45/Green)

    Great work on a rough WOD tonight. Get jacked up for tomorrow.

    1. Sarg

      green + MF for me, btw.

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