Daily WOD – Jan 14, 2012

Complete for time:

  • 100 ab-mat sit ups
  • 200 double unders
  • 5 rope climbs

WOD Notes: You can complete the reps in any order. 5 rounds of 20 sit ups, 40 double unders, 1 rope climb? Maybe you want to try it as a chipper? Just get the reps done the fastest way you can!

Competitor WOD:

  • Lift – Heavy thruster
  • Skill – Rope Climb

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  1. Lindsey

    In! Whats the sub if you can’t rope climb??

  2. Nikki

    Lindsey – it depends on how many people are in class… it will most likely be rope pulls (from lying on the floor to a standing position)

  3. Lindsey

    Ok swell! See you tomorrow!

  4. John

    Hey guys, I just realized that Thursday night’s results didn’t post properly. If you know your time from Karen or any other results, write a comment on Thursday’s post! Thanks!

  5. Nikki

    Results from today’s 9am and 10am
    Jimbo 18:00 (50 DU)
    Lindsey 17:54 (100 DU)
    Nick 15:50 (100 DU)
    Nicole 14:47 Rx
    Nikki 8:46 Rx
    Alexis 12:38 (100 DU)
    Joe 10:31 Rx
    Dan 20:58 (50 DUA)
    Mike K 15:42 (100 DU, rope scale)
    John 7:45 Rx
    Stephanie 10:58 (200 SU, 5 pulls)
    Cari 13:30 Rx

    1. Nikki

      Neat article – thanks for sharing!

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