Daily WOD – Jan 11, 2019

Back Squat – build to a training max


15 weighted box jumps NFT

WOD Notes:  The goal for today is to find your opening lift for the power meet.  It should be around 90-95% of the lift you are hoping to hit at the meet.  Work your way up and make it look good!

Reminder:  The last day to sign up for the power meet and chili cook-off is Tuesday! We appreciate your cooperation as this will allow us to organize heats and ensure the event runs smoothly.

Nik’s Pep Talk: If you’re on the fence about this power meet, please give me a minute of your time… Every year we hear people hem and haw about signing up for the power meet. And I just don’t get it. If you’re free on Saturday Jan 19, sign up! I hear people say things like “I know I can’t win,” or “I already know where I stand.” Seriously?! Most athletes don’t enter power meets just to win; they enter in order to challenge themselves and, hopefully, set new personal records. Especially at ICA, the focus of the event is enjoying a fun morning with our fitfam, lifting heavy weight, and eating delicious chili. The little dose of nerves that accompanies the event is a GOOD thing – that adrenaline drives many of us to new PRs. If you have a squat, deadlift, or bench press on your goals card for 2019, you owe it to yourself to do this meet. You’ve already put in the work over the last 2 months of our strength cycle. Now’s the time to see the results! Sign up sheets are on the desk. 🙂


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  1. ICA admin

    Anne Marie 135
    Matt B 245
    Jake 225
    Ian 225
    Murray 335
    Barry 135 x a lot
    Tyler 225
    Bill 135 x a lot
    Chris W. 115 to 16″
    Jenn 225
    Danielle 165
    KtS :0
    Faith 135 PR!
    Dan E> 350 PR!
    Franco 345
    Josh 335
    Frank N 215

    Vince R. 135 x 3 x alot
    Vince L. 155
    Greg 150 to 14″
    Luke L. 315 RP 2x bodyweight!
    Ricky 315
    Kelly G. 120 PR!
    Jason 315
    Ed 285
    Iggy 355
    Vollmer 275
    Drake 255
    Rob M. 115 x 3 x a lot
    DE 335
    Sean R> 315

    Tanya 255
    Janet 195
    Rick ;0
    Mitch 255
    BWys 365
    Pugh :0
    Ken T> 145
    Jen C. :0
    Marissa W> 130

    Saritha 115
    Tom S. 225
    Zane 225
    Steve K. 275
    Catherine 140
    Betsy 130
    NIck L. 185

    Chris S> 185
    Nicole W> 175
    Nik 235
    Heather 185
    Sillup 285
    Robbie 285
    Pat B. 305
    Frank 305
    Shawn 155
    John C. 250
    Jeff 255
    Sigal 255 PR! +5

    Morgan 155 PR10!
    Tina 155
    NIkki K. 190 PR15!
    Kelly K. 235 PR30!
    TIm 205
    Pat D> 75 (5×5)
    Matt D> 100
    Ben 245
    Cam 175
    Dan T> 200 (16″ box)
    Moira 85 PR
    Shawn F> 255
    Bob B. 355
    Daria 145 (PR 5#)
    Erin 185

    Andrew 285
    Erik 245
    Smith :0
    DT 215
    PEte S> 195
    Lindsay 115 + 85 x a lot
    Karen 125

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