Daily WOD – Jan 10, 2012

Since F=ma, and a=v/t...
Which one is the butt?

In teams of 4, complete a 4800 meter (3 mile) run for time. Teams will rotate through four stations: run, KBS, burpee, and a rest station. Each team member must rotate in the prescribed order and contribute 1200m of running.  Your team can choose to break the run into 200m or 400m increments. Your team’s score is the time it takes to complete the 3 mile run, but you can subtract 1 second for each KBS and burpee completed. The fastest time wins!


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  1. Lindsey

    In for the 5 class!!

  2. Mark

    Nooooo! I have to wait for the comcast tech to get here and the time of my appt is 5-7. If he comes at 5, I’ll try to get there for the 6.

  3. Killa

    Mark- you better reschedule that shit, we’re recruiting you for our team…I’ll even let you run my portion! 😉

  4. Joe

    I’m in for 5

  5. Emily

    Definitely in for 5 on this one. Good times!

  6. Nikki

    Tonight’s Results:

    Karen, Joe, John, Emily (22:29, 563 reps, 13:06)
    Jimbo, Phil, Kev, Nicole (20:39, 465 reps, 12:54)
    Kassey, Cari, Chris, Lindsey (19:58, 675 reps, 8:43)

    6 p.m. (individual 1:45 at each station)
    Nick (4:47, 152 reps, 2:15)
    Nikki (5:03, 178 reps, 2:06)

    Nice work on those runs tonight, get ready for a good one tomorrow.

  7. Killa

    Kev is such a scientist…I mean stud??

  8. Spence

    O’Neill’s Garage

    Spence, Barb, Donna, Rachel (26:25, 660 reps, 15:25)

    special thanks to O’Neill Jr (Rachel) for joining us to complete our team…

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