Daily WOD – Feb 8, 2012

Welcome Tiana! You'll always remember your first class was FRAN!


21-15-9 of thrusters (95/65#) and pull ups

WOD Notes: Compare to Sept 29, 2011


Other Notes: For a good read, check out Lessons Learned. (A free article from the CrossFit Journal.)


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  1. Sarg

    FRAN! bring it! I <3 thrusters!!

  2. Lindsey

    Finally getting to do Fran!!!! I am excited : ) in for 4:30 ….

  3. Joe McGonigal

    Bummed to miss this. I’ll see you next time Fran! Good luck to everyone else, looking forward to seeing the times.

    1. Nikki

      Joe – me, you, and Killa have to arrange a Fran date when you get back. Not necessarily right away, but sometime in the next month? I was too sore yesterday to give it my all, so I want to make it up sometime!

  4. Kevin

    I was planning on taking today and tomorrow off to give my back some recovery time. If it’s feeling ok, I’ll try to give this a go tomorrow.

  5. Lindsey

    Happy Birthday Mike!!

  6. Nikki

    Happy birthday Mike Keeley! How lucky of you to get FRAN on your birthday!

  7. Sarg

    Happy birthday Mike! It’s been really fun watching your progress in the gym. I hope you and Fran have a nice birthday date πŸ™‚

  8. Kevin

    Happy Birthday, Mike!

  9. John

    Happy birthday Mike, your coming along pretty quickly now, keep this up.

    Does anyone else have that feeling of terror today?

  10. Mike (Killa's bro)

    John and Nikki, thanks for the programming. I’m following it as best as my schedule allows over here. John you’ll have to think of some nasty workout for when i get back.

    btw, this sucks at altitude: 3:35

    1. John

      Mike, we’ll put together a doozy for when you get back, nice work over there.

  11. Phil

    Happy Birthday Mike K!

    thanks for the article guys (notes taken)

    and john id take her on over running any day. im psyched for this. hoping to make 5:30 if not ill make it up tomorrow.

  12. Killa

    Happy Birthday Mike K, your “gift” is Fran!!

    Mike B- Nothing like good ol’ fashioned Fran no matter where ya are, great time!!…now stop complaining about the altitude πŸ˜‰ haha jk! Glad to hear you’re team ICA, Hooyah!!

  13. Kevin

    Nice time, Mike! Training at sea level is overrated anyway.

    Phil – If you don’t make it today, I’ll do my best to be in and join you tomorrow. This is always easier with someone else enduring the pain with you.

    The article posted is great. For a long, long time in my three years Crossfitting I avoided any overhead squat/snatch movement. It did not help me get better at them. At the end, he says, “Eating the right foods is like taking legal steroids as far as I’m concerned”. Mark sent me a text the other night asking if I was juicing since I’ve been fortunate to set a few PRs the last couple weeks. It just happened to coincide with me going back to a fairly strict paleo routine … Last thought: all the stuff on programming he has in the article makes me think we’ve really had some good stuff at ICA. I can think of a few “simple” WODs the last couple weeks that left me broken.

  14. Christopher Chamberlain

    Happy Birthday Mike! Kev and Phil, I’ll be making “Fran” up tomorrow. So if you guys don’t make it tonight you’ll have someone else suffering with you tomorrow.

    1. Phil

      Have fun guys.. I couldn’t wait to receive Fran’s abuse. Tip.. Resting just prolongs the pain!!

  15. Nikki

    Results from 6:15am:
    Matt Flick 7:09 (65#, G)
    Emily 6:24 (35#, G+mm)
    Tiana (first class!) 5:01 (35#, Navy/ROM)

  16. Tiana

    Wow what a photo! haha
    This was insanely hard but I am so happy I did it and over the moon that I was actually able to finish, I told myself before I came to class today that my goal was to finish in 10 minutes surprised myself by finishing in half the time.
    Big thank you to Nikki and Mark for all the motivation and coaching it definitely helps me through it. Can’t wait for the next workout.

    btw, is there a place where I can download the acronyms? Not quite sure what ROM, MM & PR mean. I need to study up on the cross fit lingo πŸ™‚

  17. Nikki

    LOL, good question Tiana – and I’m sure someone out there has created a CrossFit acronyms page. The ones used today were

    ROM – Range of Motion – meaning one or more of the movements didn’t hit full range of motion. Example: squat didn’t quite get below parallel, or chin didn’t above the bar in a pullup
    MM – monster mini – our 2nd smallest band
    PR – personal record – you beat your previous time on the same WOD, or beat your maximum weight on a lift
    G – green band
    P – purple band
    B – black band

    Other ones you’ll see
    MF – mental floss – our smallest band
    SDHP – sumo deadlift high pull
    C&J – clean and jerk
    MU – muscle up

    And I’m sure there are lots others!

  18. John

    Natalie 7:33 (40, JPU)
    Lindsey 5:20 (40, P+MM)
    Cari 7:52 Rx
    Nick 5:58 (55, DC PU)
    Karen 8:00 (65, P+MM) (Pr)
    Craig 6:48 Rx
    Mike K 8:00 (65)
    John C 11:55 (15, JPU)
    Phil 5:55 Rx
    John 2:21 Rx (Pr)

    Yeah Fran!

  19. Phil

    I retract my previous statement, I would rather run!!, this one lives up to the hype. Thanks for the encouragement killa Sarg and John. My favorite is you can breathe when you’re done.

  20. Lindsey

    Haha -” you can breathe when you are done” is such a comforting statement!! Good job everyone- Fran is def a real b%$#@!!!!

  21. Killa

    Haha glad to hear all these happy thoughts post-Fran! Great job from everyone tonight, a special shout out to everyone who met her for the first time…she’s a real treat! I stick by my only Fran advice, “you can breathe when you’re done!” πŸ˜‰

  22. Mike K

    Thanks everyone! I’m so happy to have had Fran welcome me to my 30’s!

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