Daily WOD – Feb 3, 2012

Dan on the keg to overhead

Teams of 4 will have 20 minutes to score as many points as possible:

  • Row (1 calorie = 1 point)
  • Keg (to shoulder = 1 point, floor to overhead = 2 points)
  • Rope (rope pull = 1 point, rope climb = 3 points)
  • Tire (1 flip = 1 point)

WOD Notes:  Teams can split up work and time intervals however they want to try to achieve the highest total points.

FYI – For any women interested in a discussion series on CrossFit related topics, Stephanie Vincent (a CrossFit coach at CFKOP) has organized “The Ladies RX Discussion Series.” It’s free and held through teleconference calls; there are 4 sessions total. Click HERE to read a flyer, and HERE to register! Space is limited, so sign up now!

Psssst – no one is signed up for 6:15am… get your names in there!


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  1. Lindsey

    Im in for the 615 class!!

  2. Sarg

    I am so excited for this WOD!! It looks fun!!

  3. Nikki

    Results from today:
    6:15am class – Emily, Matt, Lindsey, Mike S, Nick – 735 (ave 147)
    4:30pm class – Cari, Natalie, Phil, Frank – 558 (ave 140)
    5:30pm class – Karen, John, Dan, Kev – 879 (ave 219)

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