Daily WOD – Feb 14, 2012

Find your 1 rep max ground to overhead


3 clean and jerk on the minute for 6 minutes (75% of your 1RM)

WOD Notes:  This is our Valentine’s day gift to you! Today you’ll find the heaviest weight you can get from the floor to overhead. For experienced CrossFitters, you’ll use a full squat clean into a split jerk. For newer CrossFitters, a power clean is permitted! For anyone with shoulder trouble, stick with a 1RM floor to shoulder.

Community Notes: Happy birthday Dad (Sieller)!


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  1. Lindsey

    In for 4:30! Happy Birthday Mr. Sieller!!

  2. Nikki

    Post script – if your legs are beat tomorrow (like I think mine will be!), be creative in your 1RM floor to overhead. You can do a deadlift – HPC – split jerk… or a split clean – split jerk… or any combination you can think of. The only rule is the bar has to go from the ground to locked out overhead, any way you can! We’ll go over all the variations tomorrow 🙂

  3. John

    Some thinking points for the GREATEST WOD OF THE YEAR! Below is a video of Kendrick Farris failing a clean and jerk. Watch the slow motion for hip extension at the top of the pull (:24), the speed of his elbows as he gets under the bar(:26) and also the dip when he is starting the jerk (1:40). Fantastic form and great to visualize before we get into the gym. I think the stutter on the dip may have been why he failed the lift, but its great to see it anyway. So pumped for this.

    1. Sarg

      John! I’m with you on this! I’m PUMPED!!

    2. Phil

      the explosiveness of this guy is amazing. the 205kg bar looks almost weightless at the end of the squat clean. insane.

  4. Lindsey

    I need to get pumped since John is claiming this is the GREATEST WOD OF THE YEAR!!! This is going to be intense!!!!

  5. Mark

    Yeah, excited to find my clean max…no overhead though…

  6. Mike Sabol

    So, this is the GREATEST WOD OF THE YEAR!! Like it! In tomorrow at 4:30.

  7. Mark

    Happy birthday Nikki’s dad! Don’t forget to do your burpees!

    1. Kevin

      Yes! Happy Birthday. Birthday burpees all around.

    2. Phil

      Happy Bday Mr. Sieller.

      and yes NIk my legs feel smoked this morning

  8. Kevin

    Phil: Is your hand still numb? My right one still has a bit of numbness. I asked Sara about it, and she named a bundle of nerves or something that run down the outside of your arm that can be affected. She told me to give it 48 hours. Sweet.

    1. Phil

      doesnt feel too bad but still tentative about the overhead today. ill need to spent some time warming up for sure

      1. Kevin

        Yeah, I’m gonna take warming up seriously today. I look at it as a good opportunity to see what I can get overhead when my body feels a little wrecked. Luckily, at this point, my legs feel ok.

  9. Mike Sabol

    Yes, Happy Birthday Mr. Sieller.

  10. Tiana

    Yay! This is the first time I’ll be able to see how much weight I can really lift. Since I can’t do Thursday make classes I’ll be there today at 4:30 too.

  11. Killa

    Happy Birthday Mr. Sieller! Happy Vday everyone! Happy Hurts Me to Climb Stairs, wooo!

  12. Lindsey

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

  13. Nikki

    Results from today (1RM, weight for metcon)
    Karen 130 (+2 PR), 95
    Nikki 155 G2S, 110
    Frank 135, 95
    Tiana 115, 75
    Natalie 80, 55
    Lindsey 100, 70
    Nick 115, 85
    Mike S 165, 125
    Warnek 300 (PR) n/a
    Killa 145 (PR!), 105
    Kevin 250 G2S, 235 G2O (PR!), 185
    John C 95, 65
    Mike K 140, (95?)
    Chris 165, 115
    Mark 185 G2S, 135
    Morgan 88 G2S, 93 G2O, 65
    Phil 215 (PR!), 155

    Props to Kev, Karen, John, and Killa for hitting new PRs tonight. That’s not easy to do when you’ve been CFing for a while. And Tiana – HUGE first time clean and jerk!

  14. Kevin

    Definitely a highlight seeing John crush 300#. Not sure you’ll see a happier person than him at that moment.

    1. Phil

      yeah that is huge!
      awesome work on a bad day too kev. looks like you warmed up pretty well!

      1. Kevin

        You too, Phil. You’re not allowed to complain about heavy days anymore. You’re killing it.

  15. Christopher Chamberlain

    Sorry about that. The weight for the second part of the WOD was 115.

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