Daily WOD – Dec 9, 2011

Welcome Nick - first class!!

Warm up your clean & jerk to 80% of your 1RM 


At 80% of your 1RM, complete for time:

  • 5 clean and jerk
  • 30 ft handstand walk 
  • 4 clean and jerk
  • 30 ft handstand walk
  • 3 clean and jerk
  • 30 ft handstand walk
  • 2 clean and jerk
  • 30 ft handstand walk
  • 1 clean and jerk
  • 30 ft handstand walk

WOD Notes: You all knew it was coming… our first WOD with handstand walks!  Don’t be intimidated, get excited! As always we have some creative scales in mind, such as wall climbs or wall handstand holds. Guaranteed to be a good time.

Community Notes: This is our first Friday with THREE classes on the schedule – join us at 6:15am, 4:30pm, or 5:30pm. We’ll be heading over to wings at 6:30 🙂


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  1. Lindsey

    In and I am excited!!!

  2. Mark

    In! Gonna try for the 4:30

  3. Mark

    Actually, I think 5:30 might be a better time for me. I have some things I need to do after school.

  4. Kevin

    I’ll be in for 5:30 too … love this WOD, gonna try and do all of the handstand walks today no matter how frustrating it is.

  5. John

    Nice Kevin! This should definitely make you feel more comfortable walking inverted, at least a few days down the road.

  6. Nikki

    Great job to the morning class – Steph, Lindsey, Matt, and Eric. I didn’t get to take a picture of the results before I had to run out this morning, but I’ll get them posted this afternoon. The real highlights for me today were seeing Steph figure out the clean for the first time, then kicking up into a wall handstand for the first time since high school! Other notable achievements were Matt for completing the WOD at 125# – which I think was his former PR! Lindsey rocking handstand holds for all 5 rounds. And Eric clean and jerking 165#. Great job to all!

  7. Phil

    gonna try to make the 5:30. handstand walks are gonna be tricky

  8. Spence

    O’Neill’s garage results…

    Spotts: 6:40 (55#, handstand hand lifts 10 each hand)
    Spence- 8:04 (85# hang clean and jerk, 3 wall climbs)
    Barb- 8:05 (70#, handstand hand lifts 10 each hand)
    Chuck- 8:53 (95#, 3 wall climbs)

    The swamp that was O’Neills backyard was not great for handstand walks today so we were forced to sub in some alternatives. Reminded me of a fun conversation I had with John when I was first starting crossfit.

    Me: Handstand walks? I can’t do those, what is the sub?
    John: um….. falling

    Glad to see Nikki has taught John some better handstand walk subs.

  9. John

    Today’s Results:

    Lindsey 13:20 (75, HSH)
    Matt 14:20 (125, WCx9)
    Steph 11:26 (55, WC & HSH)
    Eric 11:05 (165, HSH+WC)
    John 10:40 (RX, 225)
    Nikki 8:50 (RX, 123)
    Kev 13:09 (RX, 185)
    Sara 12:53 (115, HSH lifting hands)
    Nick 8:04 (75/85, WCx10)
    Mark 7:55 (RX, 145/155)

    I still say falling works Spence! Its just nicer to have grass to land on.

  10. Phil

    Phil 8:30 (145, HSH)

    1. Nikki

      Thanks Phil! John didn’t realize he forgot to post your results. Good catch!

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