Daily WOD – Dec 24, 2021

Brooke firing away through KB swings!

Workout of the Day

“Double Isabel”

Complete for time:

  • 60 power snatches (135/93#)

Time Cap = 12 minutes.

WOD Notes:  This is a humdinger of a workout!  Pick a weight with which you could perform 5 to 10 unbroken reps even if you choose to go singles the whole way.  This could also be modified to 30 power snatches + 30 power clean and jerks (AKA Isa-Grace).

Run Notes:  Coach Dave is holding the Sunday run at Canal Park this Sunday at 11:15 am.  There won’t be a specified leader for the walking group but you’re welcome to come walk and explore!

Community Notes: Happy Birthday Brian D!

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  1. Boelker

    Running: 11:15 arrival.

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