Daily WOD – Dec 20, 2011

Killa Sara and Killa Mike

Banded box squat 12 x 2 (55% of your 1RM)


For time:Β 40-30-20-10 med ball clean with 150 ft shuttle run after each round


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  1. Mark


  2. Sarg

    i’m going to try for the 5, too! πŸ™‚

  3. Emily

    me three πŸ™‚

  4. Nikki

    sounds good guys i’ll sign you all up in MB

  5. jimbo

    Not gonna make it tonight Nikki, gotta work as the popo. I did do 11 1:00 min rounds of the tabata protocol. Sort of. My work period was 20 sec and rest period was 15 sec. About a 100-110 meter sprint. Couldn’t have done that a month and a half ago, thanks crossfit! Also, thanks goes out nikki, john and all my fellow crossfitters who push me every time I workout.

  6. Killa

    Apologizing in advance for the birthday burpees tonight, but I’m thinking mike has earned and deserves em…we’ll be in at 5! πŸ˜‰

  7. Nikki

    happy to do them killa! (MindBody told me his bday was today… so I was already sort of expecting it!)

    Jim – way to go on the at-home workout. I know it’s not easy to get motivated, especially to run, on your own! I’m glad to hear that your hard work + CrossFit is getting you results!

  8. jw592349

    Kev 155 P / 7:54 Rx
    Nikki 95 mm / 6:28 Rx
    Killa 115 black / 8:32 Rx
    Mike 155 P / 8:00 Rx
    Dan 95 P / 11:49 Rx
    Chris 125 B / 11:44 (14#)
    Mark 135 B / 7:23 Rx
    Karen 95 mm / 11:04 Rx
    Emily 45 no band / 8:55 (10#)

    1. Spence

      O’Neill’s Garage result..

      Barb 75 thin red / 9:39 Rx
      Spence 125 thin red / 8:30 Rx

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