Daily WOD – Aug 29, 2022

Dan, Robbie & Dave ready for another round!

Workout of the Day

Bench press 8×5 (E2MOM, 75% 1RM)

Then complete 3 rounds NFT of:

  • 20 supine flies on bench (2×10/5# plates)
  • 20 narrow-grip bench presses (20% 1RM)

WOD Notes:  Today’s bench press uses the same rep scheme as Friday’s back squats (8 sets of 5 reps, lifting every 2 minutes). The weight shouldn’t be too heavy at the start, but it will add up over 8 sets. Advanced athletes should use 75% of their training max.

Event Notes: Our 31Heroes WOD & Fundraiser is fast approaching on Sunday September 11! If you still haven’t signed up, it’s time to get hot! We’ve extended the registration deadline to this Friday, Sept 2. There are 4 steps to register:

  1. Sign up in Wellness Living
  2. Pick your WOD “level” 
  3. Add your name to the sign up sheets at the gym for your chosen level. Indicate your teammate(s) if you’ve selected a team; otherwise we’ll select a team for you.
  4. Optional – Donate to the 31Heroes organization!

Full details can be found in the event post HERE.


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