31Heroes – Aug 26, 2023

Workout of the Day

“31 Heroes – Workout to Remember”

AMRAP in 31 minutes:

  • Wreck bag run
  • Barbell thrusters
  • Rope climbs
  • Box jumps

WOD Notes: While teammate #1 is running, #2 is completing thrusters, #3 is doing rope climbs and #4 is jumping. When the runner returns, everyone moves forward one station. The team’s score is the total number of thrusters, rope climbs and box jumps completed in 31 minutes.

  • Many teams choose to not keep track of reps, and that’s fine too! All we ask is you push yourself for 31 minutes in honor of the 31 heroes.
  • If you can’t climb a rope, the official sub is pull-ups or ring rows, where every 5 reps = 1 rope climb.

Level Options: All team members will share a sandbag, thruster bar, and box:

  • Level 1 = 50# wreckbag, 155# thruster, 30″ box
  • Level 2 = 35# wreckbag, 105# thruster, 24″ box
  • Level 3 = 35# wreckbag, 65# thruster, 20″ box
  • Level 4 = 20# wreckbag, 35# thruster, 16″ box

Questions & Answers

What if my team’s barbell is too heavy for me?

  • Substitute a front squat or power clean. Alternately, grab a pair of dumbbells to thruster (please put them away when you’re done).  

What if my team has more (or less than) 4 people? 

  • 2-person teams: Partner 1 runs, Partner 2 does an AMRAP of 8 thrusters, 6 rope climbs, 11 box jumps. When P1 returns, pick up where P2 left off.
  • 3-person teams: Combine the box jump and rope climb station. P1 runs, P2 thrusters, P3 rotates thru 1 rope climb + 5 box jumps.
  • 5+ person teams: Two people buddy up and rotate together. One person works at a time on the indoor stations, but both run.

What heat am I in?

  • Heats and teams are listed HERE.

What time should I arrive? 

  • We’d love everyone to show up by 8:00am for Opening announcements and cheer for our early heats! However, the only requirement is that you show up 30 minutes before your heat time to get warmed up and ready (in the North room). There is no coach-led warm up, but there will be coaches and experienced athletes available to help out – don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions!
  • There is a group photo at 10:15am. Be there if you can!!!

What else do I need to know?

  • For full event details, head on over to our Event Page! A few highlights:
  • The box officially opens at 7:00am, but you can come by even earlier if you want to help set up!
  • The main parking lot will be closed – please use one of the alternate parking locations described in the event page.
  • BYO folding chairs and canopy tents to create a “tent city” in the parking lot.
  • Group Photo at 10:15 – please try to be there!
  • We’ll kick off the after party at 11:45, with pizza and wings provided by ICA.
  • BYO snacks to share, adult beverages, yard games, etc.

Remember that 31Heroes is a fundraiser and community celebration – not a competition. There are no judges and keeping score is optional. The focus of the day is honoring the 31Heroes and celebrating our incredible community of fitness!! 


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