Rowvember – 2023 Edition

Our annual ROWvember challenge will be kicking off on Wednesday, November 1st!

This annual ICA challenge consists of twelve 10 to 30 minute, rowing based workouts that will be posted to the Aerobic Capacity track on SugarWOD during the month of November. Workouts do not need to be completed on the day they are posted as long as your results are recorded in SugarWOD on the proper day before the end of the month.

Workouts can be completed during Open Gym, out in the parking lot (weather permitting & if classes don’t need the rowers), or at home if you have a rower.

A sick prize will be awarded to any ICAer who completes and logs all 12 of the workouts!

For anyone interested, Coaches Ricky and Steve will be holding a rowing clinic on Friday, November 17th from 5:00 to 6:15 pm in the North Room (cost = $10). This is a great opportunity to dedicate time and effort toward refining your rowing technique under the watchful eye of a coach. You can sign up HERE to reserve your spot!


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  1. Katy Comber

    Would love to do a virtual Rowvember! Let me know what I need to do and if there’s a virtual membership or something! Yay for Rowvember!!!

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