Phoenixville Bed Races

The 2021 Bed Race Squad!

The Phoenixville Bed Races are upon us once again! Come out, cheer on the ICA team, and donate to a good cause.  Details below:

What the…? The bed races are an annual fundraiser and Phoenixville tradition in which local groups (businesses, teams, friends, etc.) build a rolling bed and race against each other in a double-elimination competition. There are prizes for fastest bed, best theme, and most funds raised. The bed races raise funds and awareness for two local organizations that provide shelter for the homeless. For more details on the race and the organizations involved, click here.

Where and when is this awesomeness? This year the race will take place on Saturday, November 4th. Voting for best bed starts at 11:00 am, races start at 12:00, and the event usually wraps up around 2:00 pm. The race takes place at 3rd avenue, along Reeve’s Park.

How can I participate? First thing – we need pushers! Every bed needs 4 people to push it and 1 designated alternate in case of game day injury. Last year, the request was submitted by several ICAers to create an all-female team, and we love the idea. If you’re interested in pushing, check out the list of requirements below:

  1. Be available on Saturday, November 4th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.
  2. Be ready to be an ambassador for the ICA community! This means show up with a positive attitude, have fun and compete hard!
  3. Be a current ICA member.
  4. Sign up to meet with John during one of the windows on this spreadsheet. If none of these times will work, reach out via email ( to schedule a time.  We’re hopeful to have the team put together by this Saturday! The tryout will be a ~150 meter (out and back) time trial. Be warmed up for this!

How else can I get involved? Show up on race day wearing your ICA gear and cheer on our team! If you are able, we’d greatly appreciate donations or your help spreading the word and fundraising. Link to our team page here.


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  1. ICA admin

    The bed race roster has been finalized! Our pushers are Missy, Becky, Elissa, and Celeste; Kelsey is the alternate; and Fiona (teen strength & speed athlete) is the driver! We are so excited for this crew to represent ICA next weekend!!!

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