2019 Fall Nutrition Challenge

Get ready, ICA! Our Fall Nutrition Challenge starts September 9! Read the details below and sign up HERE to participate!


ICA’s 2019 Fall Nutrition Challenge


Every single member at ICA! This a FREE nutrition challenge, so there is no excuse to not join in!


Monday September 9 – Friday October 18


For most of us, “summer” and “clean eating” don’t go hand-in-hand. Cookouts, beer, ice cream…  much of our summer fun revolves around food. That’s why every Fall we run a nutrition challenge at ICA, designed to kick our summer bad eating habits to the curb and get our diet back on track. For 6 weeks, we’re asking you to commit to a diet of REAL FOODS, and challenge yourself to avoid alcohol, gluten, added sugar, and dairy.  We guarantee that you’ll emerge from this challenge feeling AMAZING and performing better than ever.

How (a.k.a the “Rules”):

  • Choose your nutrition challenge level (detailed below) and sign up HERE.
  • Eat “real” foods. Eat meat and vegetables, some fruit, and some starch. Avoid sugar, gluten, dairy, and alcohol. More details below.
  • Complete the performance test before and after the challenge. We will run it as the daily WOD on 9/9 and 10/18.
  • Keep a daily food log in which you record WHAT and HOW MUCH you eat. Every meal, every snack, every teaspoon of oil you cook your food in… The logs are an extremely valuable resource if you have questions or want help or feedback during the challenge (for instance if you notice that you are low on energy or not seeing results). Many athletes use an app such as My Fitness Pal, but an old fashioned paper journal works fine too!
  • Take body measurements before and after the challenge.
    • At a minimum this means your waist (circumference at the belly button) and body weight. Other common measurements include hips, thighs, and arms. You can take these numbers on your own, ICA honor code style! If you want to be in the running to win the challenge, you need to email us your body measurements before and after the challenge.
    • We strongly encourage a body composition analysis using our InBody– a professional-grade device that can accurately measure your weight, muscle mass, and body fat. For $50 you can get a before and after InBody scan.
    • Before and after photos are a great way to validate your progress, even if you keep them to yourself!

Level 1: Eat Real Food

  • This is our “introductory level” for the 2019 Nutrition Challenge. There are no limits on the quantity of food you eat; rather, the focus is on food quality. You should aim to eat protein with each meal and eat 10 different types of vegetables, fruits, or berries each day.
  • Preferred foods (Center your meals on these): Lean meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit, gluten-free starches (e.g., rice, quinoa, potatoes, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, farro)
  • Allowed in limited amounts: Dairy, beans
  • Avoid: Added sugar, grains containing gluten, and alcohol.
    • In order to be “in the running” to win the challenge, you should avoid all of the above foods. However, we recognize that everyone is starting from a different place in their nutrition journey, and not all “cheats” are the same. If you eat something off the above list, be sure to log it in your journal.

Level 2: Weigh and Measure (includes Macro Diet and RP)

  • For this level, you will eat a precise number of “macros” (i.e., grams of protein, carb, and fat) each day.
    • If you already know your target macros, simply run them by John or Nikki before the challenge begins.
    • If you need us to assign your macros, let us know ASAP. We’ll need you to either: (1) complete an InBody scan OR (2) track your food intake for 3 days. Either can serve as a starting point for assigning macros.
    • If you follow an RP template, that will count towards Level 2 this year.
  • This level requires you to weigh and measure EVERYTHING you eat. A food scale and a set of measuring cups is required. Amazon has a huge selection of food scales in the $10-$15 range.
  • Although the macro diet typically does not require you to cut out any specific food groups, for the purpose of this challenge we ask that you apply “paleo” principles as much as possible (i.e. avoid gluten, dairy, added sugar, processed foods, etc). We do allow non-gluten starches such as oats, rice, and quinoa.
  • In order to be “in the running” to win the challenge, you should avoid all alcohol. However, if you treat yourself to a drink or two during the challenge, please limit it to 4oz red wine or 2oz hard alcohol, and include it in your macro calculation as 25g carb. An 8oz beer is strongly discouraged but would also be counted as 25g carb.

KBK Method:

From September 9 – October 5, Kettlebell Kitchen is running a 4-week nutrition program called “KBK Method.” You will get 48 meals (2 meals a day, 6 days a week, for 4 weeks).  In addition to nutrient dense meals, you’ll also receive two complimentary consultations with a KBK nutritionist, weekly texts/emails from a success coach dedicated to keep you on track, and a journal to hold you accountable and help keep track of your goals and progress. There are various diet options depending on your goals:

  • Slim – for those looking to lose weight
  • Keto – for those looking follow a ketogenic diet
  • Wellness – for those looking for variety and convenience

For our Fall Nutrition Challenge, the KBK method isn’t it’s own “level,” but it would be a fantastic way to help you meet your Level 1 or Level 2 nutrition plan. We have found KBK meals to be instrumental in helping us keep our eating on track year round, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. To read more about the KBK method, click HEREAny questions about KBK method can be directed to ICA member Daria Kossuth at DariaKossuth@gmail.com.

InBody 270 Body Composition Analyzer:

ICA is proud owner of an Inbody Body Composition Analyzer, a professional grade device that accurately measures your overall body mass, muscle mass, water mass, and fat mass. It even calculates your basal metabolic rate, i.e. the number of calories your body burns at rest. Getting an Inbody scan before and after the challenge is a great way to measure your progress.

  • Why should I get an InBody scan?  Regular weight scales give you one number: your weight. Getting an Inbody scan before and after the challenge will provide you with detailed body composition information to see how you changed over the 6 week challenge. Your pre-challenge results will also help us select your target macros for anyone doing the Level 2 Macro Diet.
  • How much does an InBody scan cost? InBody scans typically cost $35/scan for members and $50/scan for non-members. This price includes a discussion of the results sheet. For the nutrition challenge, we’re offering a 2-scan bundle for $50.
  • How do I sign up? When you sign up for the nutrition challenge, there is a place to denote whether you want an InBody scan. We charge your card when complete your first scan.
  • When can I get scanned? You can complete your “before” scan anytime before Tuesday September 10. We expect a lot of interest, so we’ve blocked off two“Open House” times in the next week when we’ll run people through first come first serve. Please indicate on the Nutrition Sign Up Page if you plan to attend one of these times. If you can’t make either of these times, contact us to make an appointment.
    • Thursday September 5, 6:00-8:00pm
    • Saturday September 7, 6:45-8:15am
  • Do I need to fast before my scan? Yes, in order to get the most accurate results, please follow these guidelines.

Challenge Winners: 

At the end of the challenge we will pick 3 winners – one Beginner, one Advanced, and one Spirit award.  “Beginner” members are anyone who has been with ICA less than a year, or for whom this is their first nutrition challenge with us. Winners will be selected primarily on performance improvements, but we will also consider body measurements (especially InBody results) and diet adherence.

Shout out to our challenge winners from the last 3 years!

  • 2018: Kyle K (beginner), Faith (advanced), Murray (spirit)
  • 2017: Megan S (beginner), Moira (experienced), Christine (spirit)
  • 2016: Chris Sigal (L1) Karen Smith (L2), Heather (spirit)

ICA Nutrition Club:

We have a Facebook group that was set up during last year’s challenge to provide members with a place to ask questions, share knowledge, post recipes, and generally provide support. If you want to join the group, link HERE.

We will run a short “kick off” in classes on Wednesday 9/4. Come with questions!

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  1. Any new ICA peeps that are hesitant about joining, it is worth signing up and getting your nutrition on track. John and Nikki are a wealth of information and support. The entire gym bonds together and provides additional support and encouragement during this challenge (as with anything else). You will reap the benefits of improved performance, improved quality of sleep and moods. I’m definitely excited for this to begin.

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