Daily WOD – Aug 30, 2019

Brendan working through thrusters!

Banded Deadlifts 10×2 (50% 1RM on bar)

Take 10 minutes to stretch something that is tight.

WOD Notes:  Generally speaking, athletes with a deadlift up to 200# should use black bands, 200 up to 350 should use purple, 350+ should use green.

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Coach Iggy!

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  1. This is one of my personal favorite bits of hip mobility but it is challenging to fit into a warm up. Today would be a great day to try it out!

  2. 4pm
    Kevin M 🙂
    Ana 🙂
    Shawn 185 Purple
    Jeff 175 Green
    Sean B 235 Green
    Liz SLDL KB 20# volume
    Christine SLDL KB 26# x alot
    Robbie 🙂

    Joe S 145 Purple
    Ray 205 Green
    Ben 155 Purple
    Dan 95 Black
    Kirsten 120 sumo Black
    Nik 155 Purple

  3. 6pm
    Dan R 165 P (1″ deficit)
    Blythe 95 P
    Erik 185 G

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