Daily WOD – Sept 21, 2011

Joe getting some air!
Nicole up the rope with great form!

25-20-15-10-5 of:

  • Push up (Men’s Rx = clapping)
  • Sit up
  • Hang Power Clean (95/65#)

One rope climb after each round

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  1. 6:15am results
    Nicole S 14:25 (air squats, sit ups, deadlifts 95#, rope climbs)
    Tom 18:43 (rope pulls)
    Dan 20:15 (rope pulls)

    Nice work this morning! Nicole – way to set the bar for those rope climbs. Tom – loved your power during the clapping push ups. Dan – awesome form on the HPCs!

  2. Evening results:
    John 8:56 Rx
    Nikki 11:39 Rx
    Joe 18:38 (rope pulls)

  3. No rope @ ye ol’ O’Neill’s Garage so we subbed 4 consecutive, alternating pullups and knees to elbows for the climbs:
    Scott: 13:19 (no clapping pushups, 75#)
    Barb: 16:40 (Rx weight, thin blue band)
    Cragle: 11:04 (no clapping pushups, Rx weight)

  4. I love when O’Neill’s posts their scores. I’ve never met any of them, and have never seen the garage, so it seems like some crazy parallel Crossfit universe.

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