Daily WOD – Sep 18, 2019

Becca knocking out some medball sit ups!

With a partner complete for time and distance:

  • 6x800m run
  • Max distance row

WOD Notes: Each person will complete 3 x 800m runs.  While one partner runs, the other will row.  When the runner returns the partners will switch.  We will record two results: time for the team to complete 3 miles of running and total meters rowed. Those who don’t run can sub 1.5 miles on the airdyne bike or 800m on the ski erg. (Note: each run interval should be less than 5 minutes; modify distance if needed.)

Nutrition Note: Day 10 of 40.  You’re 25% of the way there!  Finding a quick snack on the go while keeping to as few ingredients as possible can be challenging.  One of the bar options we use is from the DNX company.  They have a host of meat based bars that taste pretty good and generally have between 10 and 15 grams of protein and around 10g of fat.  Most of the options have very little carb. At a little under $3 per bar, they typically won’t end up as an every day option but can help you stay on track in a pinch.  You can check out their site HERE if you are interested.

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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. 5:15am
    Team Curran + Kelly G – 26:05 (5028m Row); 25:20 solo row 2244
    Kehl + Mike D – 23:38 (2900m Row/ 4800m AB)
    Steve M + Tyler – 24:37, 6058m Row (Vests)
    Bill + Jesse S – 25:07, 5218m
    Dan E+ Murray – 27:46, 6565

    DE + Fili – 26:46, 6260m
    John W + Vince L – 26:32, 5872m
    Faith + Missy – 24:06, 5069m
    Karen B + Rebecca H – 28:20, 5548m

  2. 4PM
    Curtis & Shawn C. 26:01/5421m
    Craig (20# vest) & Caroline 28:40/ 5604m
    Robbie, Shawn G., & Kyle 26:10/ 5995m / 2600ish Kyle solo
    Kirsten & Linda 25:56/ 5246m (600m run/ 200m FC)

  3. 5:00

    Tanya/Erin 26:30/5413
    Janet/Jenn/Lanna 21:30 4.5m bike/6234m
    Lou/Dan T. 😉
    Tim/Jeff 😉
    Jesse Sy/Katherine 22:32/473/m
    Kyle/Rocco 24:57/5445m
    Ricky ?/1441m
    Joe/John C. 23:40/4844

    1. Jeff/Tim 19:30 47:67 (Jeff 1×800, 2×400)

  4. 6:00
    Morgan/Tobin 28:09/5800
    Erik/Jay/Avery 28:55/5944
    Dan R/Tiago 24:41/5875

    AnneMarie/Matt 20:54/4394
    Sydney/Bob K 26:29/5236
    Frank/Moira 26:29/5818

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