Daily WOD – Oct 9, 2018

Craig showing a solid shrug on a clean!

Complete 4 rounds for time of: 

  • 400m run
  • 200m farmer carry (50/35# DBs)

WOD Notes: Credit to CrossFit main page, 181006.

Coaches Notes: Athletes will complete 6 laps of the 400m course. Start with DBs lined up at the garage door. Run the first 400m. Pick up the DBs and complete HALF of the 400m course. (Out to the stop sign, turn around, stop just shy of our driveway.) Leave the DBs and run another 400m. Pick up the DBs from their resting spot and return to the garage door area. Repeat.

Nutrition Notes: Day 30/40. Legumes are seeds (and sometimes their pods) from plants in the pea family. The most common legumes are beans, such as black beans, soybeans, garbanzo beans (chickpeas), kidney beans and lima beans. But also included are: peanuts, peas, green beans, lentils, and alfalfa. Legumes are not allowed on the Paleo and Whole30 diets because, like grains, they contain proteins called lectins that are known to cause digestive issues and inflammation.  However, legumes are generally considered “safer” than grains… so while they should not make up a large part of your diet, you may find you’re able to eat them in small quantities. Also, different legumes contain different amounts of lectins. Green beans and others where you eat the pod are generally less inflammatory. For our challenge, we asked you to follow Paleo principles as much as possible.  While you shouldn’t be chowing down on beans and peas, occasional green beans or hummus are just fine by us!

Event Notes: On Saturday, October 20, CrossFit Lock 60 has invited ICA to join them for a Phoenixville inter-box workout! They’re planning a fun morning of 3 team workouts; each team will have 2 ICA and 2 L60 members. The event starts at 9am and should be done around noon. Aloha food truck will be on site! If you are interested in participating, there is a sign up sheet on our desk so we can give Lock 60 an approximate head count.

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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. bout to get that faaaat forearm pump

  2. 6:15
    DE 14:19 Rx
    Craig 13:05 (40/25)
    Iggy 14:57 Rx+ (55)
    Luke 16:11 Rx
    Caine 13:55 (44KB)
    Vince 16:33 (53KB)
    Fili 17:33 Rx
    Jenn 18:30 Rx
    Ash 18:45 Rx
    Abby 18:00 (20)
    Ken 17:52 (20)

  3. 5:15am

    Kelly G – 13:44 (30)
    Chris M – 18:19 Rx
    Zach S – 13:26 Rx
    Alex W. – 14:01 Rx+ (53KB)
    Dan E – 15:42 Rx+ (55)
    Danielle S – 19:07 Rx
    Faith – 21:27 (30)
    Missy – 12:10 Rx
    Keith – 13:44 Rx
    Mike D – 16:51 Rx
    Vicki – 15:53 Rx
    KTS – 12:20 Rx
    Murray – 14:47 Rx

  4. 7:00pm
    Elissa 14:06 Rx
    Greg P 17:40 Rx (KB)
    Erik 18:03 Rx
    Rob G 18:60 Rx
    Sean R 16:29 Rx

  5. Results:
    Marissa Y 21:22 KB
    Janet 25:09 Row 40/35
    Betsy 14:23 (20#)
    Catherine 18:29 Rx
    Ed 26:46 Rx

    Rey 22:51 row
    Linda 20:48 row, 20#
    Marissa W. 21:06 KB
    Joel 20:50 row, 40#
    Tanya 17:40 Rx
    Heather 18:13 Rx
    Steve K. 18:06 Rx
    Amanda 19:17 Rx
    Whitney 16:30 Rx
    Kyle K. 23:52 53
    Brendan 15:42 (35)
    Tom S. 23:04 Rx
    Christine 17:12 35 kb

    Rocco 15;06 30
    Blake 15:32 Rx
    Nik 15:14 KB
    Zab 17:50 Rx
    Lindsay 15:49 (25)
    Erin 16:45 Rx
    KtM 16:W06 (26#0
    Bob B. 17:16 Rx
    Lombardi 16:45 (35/25
    Raghu 12:00 (2 rds, 30#)
    Ceil 21:19 Rx

  6. 5:00
    John 20:34 Rx
    Boelker 12:24
    Nikki K 20:07 Rx
    Tina 19:05 Rx
    Sillup 13:40 (53kb)
    Luke O 11:23 (35kb)
    John C 15:05 Rx
    Robbie 16:07 Rx
    Joe S 13:49 Rx
    Tim 17:36 Rx
    Curtis 18:38 Rx
    Allison 19:58 Rx
    Moira 19:07 Rx
    Katy 16:59 (25)
    Morgan 15:50 (20)
    Kyle 17:26 (35kb)

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