Daily WOD – Oct 22, 2019

Karen B. with a solid sumo deadlift!

Bamboo shoulder press (behind the neck) 3×15


Overhead Squat 1-1-1-1-1

WOD Notes:  If BTN presses with bamboo are very difficult or cause pain that may be a sign you should avoid overhead squats.  Feel free to perform bamboo shoulder presses and then front squats for the heavy portion.  Compare to 190318.

Awesome Notes:  Mark your calendar for Nov 2, 11:00 to 2:00, to support team ICA in the Phoenixville Bed Races.  Details and racing bed to come…


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  1. 6:15
    Sabrina 125
    KTL 😉
    Hannah R. 55
    Vince 155FS
    DE 215
    Prell 155 FS

  2. 6:00pm
    Rob G
    Dan R 115
    John C 215 FS PR!
    Rob R
    Erik 125
    Tammy 85 back squat 16″
    Nik 185
    Marco 95 FS

    Mullaney 155 across
    Jay 90 (d)
    Steve K 245 FS
    Jimena 75×2 FS
    Blythe 110 FS

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