Daily WOD – Oct 23, 2019

Keith firing through box jumps!

In teams of 3, complete for time:

  • 10k row

WOD Notes:  Athletes will alternate on the rower every minute, each working for 1 minute and resting for 2 until your team completes the 10,000 meters or until time runs out.  Time cap will be on a class by class basis.  Row hard!  Compare to 171010.

Bed Race Notes:  ICA will have a team (and bed) in the Phoenixville Bed Races this year to support Ann’s Heart, Good Samaritan Services and Phoenixville Women’s Outreach, 3 local charities.  You can find more info HERE.  If you are around on Nov 2 from 11:00 to 2:00, come on out for some fun times!

Our team is going to consist of:

4 pushers – Frank W, Dave, John, Ricky

1 driver – Morgan

2 alternates – Nik and Rocco

1 bed – to see the definitely drawn to scale schematic diagram of the bed or to donate to the cause, you can click HERE.  The race bed will be at the gym in the coming days so come check it out!

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  1. Hot diggity dog, good to see those technical drawing classes are finally paying off!

  2. You know it Stuart! This bed might end up being too fast and too aerodynamic with this degree of planning.

  3. 5:00

    Tracy, Kyle E., Jesse St. – 43:33/43:51
    Nikki K., Heather, Tanya – 40:34/40:55
    John C., Jay, Tim – 40:04/40:24
    Moira, Janet, Ricky – 40:03/40:23

  4. 4PM (Rower time, Clock Time)
    Ray, Nick, Fili- 37:13/37:30
    Lanna, Warnek, Patrick M- 41:13/41:30
    Paul, Tom, Shawn- 36:20/ 36:37
    Jenn, Marissa, Elissa- 43:16/43:44
    Dom, Kirsten, Linda- 45:26/45:48

  5. 6:00
    Blake, Mike C, Erik 40:15/40:35
    Dan T, Dan R, Becca 39:14/39:33
    Boelker, Morgan, Rob 39:24/39:42

    Bob K/Erin, Jimena, Rich 42:42/43:01
    Stephen K, Francis, Avery 38:56/41:40

  6. 5:15
    Jen C + Jim C + Kelly G 43:00/42:45
    KtS + Danielle + Ceil (bike) 40:52
    Kehl + Ed + Tyler 37:56/37:40
    Zach + Steve M. + Murray 35:48/35:32
    Faith + Craig + Rocco 41:47/41:31
    Dan E. + DE + KTL 38:15/38:00
    Fredi +KtN+Lombardi 43:25/43:08
    Joel + Allison(ski)+KtM 38:53

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