Daily WOD – Jun 13, 2019

Some pre-workout stretching at 5:15am!


Back Squat 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

WOD Notes:  The goal for this workout is to start at 40-50% of your 1RM and increase weight each set. If you’re feeling great, go for a new 1RM on the final rep. If not, aim for 95%. The goal is to have no failed sets, but if you do happen to fail, don’t repeat that set. Lower the weight a little and continue on. Compare exact rep scheme to 170721. Compare 1RM to 190423.

Reminder: Kettlebell Kitchen orders are due by tonight (Wednesday) at midnight for Sunday/Monday pick up. Use code “ironcross” for $25 off your first 2 orders. Let us know if you have any questions about KBK or how it can help you meet your health and fitness goals!

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  1. 6:15
    BWat 70-170
    Ryan B. 135-255
    Vince 105-165
    Meg V. Reps/Form
    Iggy 205-350
    Faith 55-135
    Missy 🙂
    John C. 135-255
    DE 185-325

  2. 4PM
    Alexa 95-215
    Tom 135-255
    Janet 95-215 PR! (+10#, 15″ box)
    Chris 85-185
    Pat B 155-275
    Sigal 135-260PR! (+5#)
    Nik 105-215
    Heath 65-115 PR! (+5)
    Bri 65-115
    Dominika 55-125

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