Daily WOD – Feb 1, 2012

Denny hits a 300 deadlift!

Deadlift 3-3-2-2-1-1


50 toes through rings (not for time)

WOD Notes: Compare to August 9, 2011.

Community Notes:  Happy birthday Morgan! And, happy 6 months to I.C.A.! Thanks to all of you for being part of our ICA community – without you (and your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm) we wouldn’t be here today!

Note – please remember to sign up for the 6:15am class if you are coming…


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  1. Lindsey

    In for 4:30!!! Happy Birthday Morgan!!!! Happy Anniversary ICA!!! So glad to be part of such an amazing place with awesome people!!! : )

  2. Joe

    I will be in at 6:15, but don’t think I’ll be setting any PR’s. Happy birthday Morgan.

    John and Nikki congrats and thanks for a great six months. It’s been a great ride so far!

  3. Kevin

    It’s been fun getting stronger the last six months. My favorite part of ICA since August has been working out with the both of you every week … I think we’ve all gotten better because of it. Thanks for all of your work with the programming and working so hard to help us improve.

  4. Kevin

    and … Happy B-Day, Morgan!

  5. Laurie

    Happy birthday Morgan! Don’t think I’ve met you yet, but hope to soon! I’m so happy I joined ICA within your first 6 months. I can say I’ve ALMOST been with you from the beginning! 🙂 Congrats!

    Also, anyone see “Biggest Loser” last night? Bob had his contestants do a “WOD” called “Fran”. Sound familiar?!

  6. Sarg

    happy birthday morgan!

    six months already!! congrats!

    my favorite part of the past six months has been watching the community at ICA grow and thrive. people are getting stronger, new friends are being made and the energy is amazing. i’m proud to be part of the ICA community 🙂

  7. Marie

    Congrats ICA! So happy to see Nikki and John’s “baby” growing so healthy and strong!

  8. Nikki

    The breakfast club set the bar this morning for the evening athletes! Great job!

    Joe 365 (50lb PR, tied with sumo DL)
    Matt 315
    Mike S 425
    Steph 135 (working max, PR!)
    Emily 115 (form)

  9. Emily

    Happy Birthday Morgan!

    Congrate on the 6 months Nikki and John! I’m so happy to be a part of it. I’m still amazed at what I’ve learned from you both and how much stronger I’ve become. Thanks so much for all you do for us – your dedication and encouragement is really exceptional! Keep up the awesome job 🙂

  10. Kevin

    Question to anyone who tried: I logged onto the mainpage for the games and made an account on CrossFit.com. Is that all we need to do to register this time? I was somewhat surprised I was not asked for money right away.

    It let me make a profile, but I didn’t see a way to link to another affiliate or anything like that. I’m guessing the site is overloaded and they’ll roll out more later. Let me know if anyone sees anything different.

    1. Nikki

      I heard that the registration won’t open up until later tonight. For now all you can do is make a profile. Sign in later/tomorrow to make a payment and sign up for our team!

  11. Morgan

    Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes! I feel honored to share my birthday with ICA’s half birthday! I love coming in every week and feeling the love and support of all the members and coaches! I wish I could make it in tonight and partake in my birthday burpees but I can’t get off work in time! Don’t worry…I will be in tomorrow! Yay!

  12. Nikki

    Results from tonight!
    Lindsey 235 (PR!)
    Chris C 345 (PR by 30lbs!)
    Denny 300
    Natalie 215 (PR!)
    Killa 235
    Kevin 435 (PR!)
    Nick 255
    Alison 310 (PR!)
    John 435
    Phil 405
    Kim 180
    Miranda form
    Craig 435 (PR!)
    Cari 205
    Jimbo 305 (PR!)

  13. Mark

    Happy birthday Morgan! Happy anniversary ICA! It’s been a lot of fun meeting and WOD’n with everyone so far!

    Some big lifts at the gym tonight!

  14. Killa

    Happy Birthday Morgan, hope you enjoy your day! And a big shout out to ICA for 6 months strong, glad to be a part of it!

  15. Joe

    I love seeing DL scores. Nice work night shift, some big lifts.

  16. Christopher Chamberlain

    I know i am late to the party, but Happy Birthday Morgan!!! And Happy Anniversary ICA, thanks for all the instruction, motivation, and PR’s. Not to mention, great new friends. And congratulations everybody on all the heavy deadlifts.

  17. Cragle

    Happy Unbirthday to ICA (Alice in Wondeland reference to those non-readers (Warnek))). I remember having lunch with John thinking of names for the gym like it was just yesterday. I am so happy for you guys and like to say one more time that the programming and coaching is outstanding. Keep up the great job and I wish you much continued success.

    Results from O’Neill’s:
    Scott: 265 PR
    Cragle: 375 PR

  18. Phil

    Happy Birthday Morgan! Hope you have a great workout tomorrow.

    ICA, super excited about finding crossfit at your box and even more stoked about working out with some incredible athletes. my view on fitness has completely changed thanks to you guys and i can’t wait for whats in store for crossfit phoenixville

  19. John

    Its been a pleasure working with all of you over the past 6 months and its been wonderful to see the community develop in the gym. Being a part of a gym that brings so many people a bright spot in their day is a great feeling. I love that today was a heavy dead-lift because of so many PRs posted which lets you know without doubt that people are improving. Thank you all for making ICA what it is. Keep getting stronger, nice work today

  20. MJ

    Happy 6 month Birthday ICA!! So proud of you and John for making your dreams into reality and helping so many others along the way. You two are a phenominal duo and once you set your mind and heart on something there are no limits to what you can achieve!!!
    Im glad I made it out tonight. Congratulations on your success!

    Happy Birthday Morgan!!!

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