Daily WOD – Dec 27, 2011

Chris looking strong on box jumps
Guess whose box? (Hint: it's not Chris's!)

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

  • 30 double unders
  • 20 box jumps
  • 10 hang power clean (115/75#)

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  1. Lindsey

    Aww sad I will miss this one! This will be my Thurs WOD!

  2. Spence

    Afternoon wod at O’Neill’s Garage

    Alexis: 6 rds (su/15# db)
    Barb: 4 rds + 22 (20 du, 55#)
    Spotts: 4 rds + 30 rx
    Spence: 7 rds (step ups, 65#)
    Cragle: 7 rds + 36 rx

  3. Eric

    See u at 5

  4. John

    For anyone interested, Cragle from O’Neills Garage recently got a new revolution x rope from again faster (same as Nikki’s rope) which he can’t use because its meant for indoor use. He is going to return it but asked me if anyone from the gym might be interested in it and I know some people have been looking for a rope so I figured I’d let everyone know. Let me know if your interested and I’ll put you in touch. Cost is 25$

  5. Nikki

    Results from 5 and 6pm:
    Nikki 10+55 (sub sit ups for HPC)
    Kev 8 Rx
    Killa 7+25 Rx
    Eric H 6+14 Rx
    Dana ? (35#, 12″, SU)
    Miranda 6+20 Rx
    Becky ? (35#, 12″, SU)
    John 8+40 Rx
    Chris C 6+40 (95)
    Phil 6+44 (10 DU attempts)

    Thanks to Dana and Becky for visiting us tonight! And a HUUUUGE congrats to Phil who got his first two muscle ups tonight!!!

  6. Kevin

    Nice Phil! We told you once you did it … it’d be cake. There you go!

    1. Phil

      Thanks kev. I owe a big part of it to killa’s helpful suggestion hahah

  7. Kevin

    I’m guessing, from the splatter pattern, it’s John’s box? A lot of CSI and Law and Order went into that deduction.

    1. Nikki


  8. Killa

    Haha pretty much the most useful suggestion I’ve ever given (question mark?)

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