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31Heroes – July 28, 2018 – Event Info!

11:23 am

** 7/23 UPDATE: Click HERE for teams and heat times**

2017 Event

Mark your calendars for our 8th Annual 31Heroes Fundraiser (and 7th Anniversary Party) on July 28, 2018!

On August 6, 2011, 30 Americans and 1 military K9 lost their lives when their CH-47 Chinook helicopter was downed in Afghanistan. This tragedy happened only days after ICA opened its doors, and it has become our annual fundraising mission. Each year since 2011 we have hosted the 31Heroes WOD and fundraiser to honor these fallen heroes and raise money to support their families and others in the veteran community suffering from TBI and PTSD.

After a tough morning of working out, we’ll celebrate our 7th ICA Anniversary with an afternoon of fun and food – including pizza, Uncle B’s BBQ, and more! To keep up with the latest and greatest information, save this page and check back often! We’ll also post updates on our Facebook event page.

Fundraising / Donations

In 2016, ICA was the top team in the world. In 2017, we came in 2nd. Help us get back to our top spot in 2018!! You can donate in one of three ways:

  1. Donate directly to our team page (HERE). The recommended donation is $31, but donations of any amount are appreciated!
  2. Sign up as an individual fundraiser (HERE). Be sure to join our team! Raise $31 to get a free 31Heroes t-shirt.
  3. Make a donation in person at the live event.

You are not required to make a donation in order to workout and celebrate with us on July 28. You can make a donation the day of the event or not make one at all.


In teams of 4, complete as many reps as possible in 31 minutes of:

  • 200m sandbag run
  • Thrusters
  • Rope climbs
  • Box jumps

WOD Notes: While teammate 1 is running, teammate 2 is completing thrusters, 3 is doing rope climbs and 4 is jumping.  When the runner returns, everyone moves forward one station. The team’s score is the total number of thrusters, rope climbs and box jumps completed in 31 minutes. The rope climb scale is pull ups or ring rows, where every 6 reps counts as 1 rope climb.

  • Level 1 = 50# sandbag, 155# thruster, 30″ box (Men’s Rx)
  • Level 2 = 35# sandbag, 105# thruster, 24″ box (Women’s Rx)
  • Level 3 =  35# sandbag or plate, 65# thruster, 20″ box
  • Level 4 = 20# sandbag, 35# thruster, 16″ box



Registration is through Wellness Living, under the Event tab (HERE). Registration is FREE but absolutely mandatory to ensure we have waivers for all participants and can organize heats in advance.

Please establish your 4-person teams in advance of the event. For non-ICA members, email us your team roster and Level (1, 2, 3 or 4) once all team members have registered. For ICA members, we will have sign up sheets at the gym where you can list your team or sign up as a free agent.


  • 7:30 – Gym opens
  • 8:00 – Opening Remarks
  • 8:20 – Heat 1
  • 9:00 – Heat 2
  • 9:40 – Heat 3
  • 10:20 – Heat 4
  • 11:00 – Heat 5

** 7/23 Update: Click HERE for teams and heat times**


The parking lot will be reserved for our vendors, athletes, and spectators. All vehicle parking will be on the opposite side of the building, along Jefferson Street, or across Bridge Street at the Oakwood Apartments.

Vendors, Food, and Tent City

  • Bring your canopies, folding chairs, and picnic blankets to create a “tent city” in the parking lot!
  • We’ll have a few vendors including United Mettle and the Sweet Aloha food truck (back for a 2nd year selling acai bowls)! United Mettle operates a network of pro-shops inside of CrossFit boxes across the Philadelphia area.  In the pop-up shop they will offer gear including wrist wraps, knee sleeves, gymnastics grips, speed ropes, apparel from Lifting Culture and MBStix as well as snacks and beverages for your pre and post WOD enjoyment.
  • ICA will provide water and some snacks throughout the event. Around 11:30 we’ll serve up some delicious Uncle B’s BBQ and pizza.
  • Please bring any other food, dessert, or beverages you want to share! (Especially cold, adult beverages…)

Spectators and Guests

Family and friends are welcome to join us! Those who plan to spectate and celebrate do not need to register. Anyone who wants to participate in the WOD is required to register using the above link.

Special Note

Although we award bragging rights to the top men’s and women’s Rx teams, please note this is a fundraiser, not a competition. The focus of the day is honoring the 31 Heroes, enjoying a grueling workout with 100(+) of your closest friends, and celebrating 7 years of ICA!!!

Email us at with any questions!

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