Daily WOD – Sep 25, 2019

“The ICA 5k”

Run or row 5000m (for time)

WOD Notes:  Don’t you cherry pick, you bums.  This benchmark comes around only once a year, and it’s going to be a beautiful day for a run! Anyone who can’t run may row 5000m or air bike 25 minutes for total distance. Another scaling option is to complete a 1 or 2 mile run. Compare run to 180922.  Compare row to 180829.

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Eric!

Nutrition Notes:  Day 17 of 40. Today’s topic is healthy fats. For those on the macro diet, what do you do if you realize you’re coming up short on fat? Some of the best sources of fat are canned coconut milk and avocados. Other inexpensive options are coconut oil, olive oil, and ghee. (Although ghee is derived from butter, it’s healthier than butter, since butter contains butterfat, milk solids and water, whereas ghee is pure butterfat.) When it comes to fats, beware the temptation to use nuts, seeds, and nut butters as a primary fat source, since they’re not your healthiest option and they tend to be pricey. Also, many nuts are roasted in seed or vegetable oils – a less healthy option – so always go for dry roasted. (For more information on nuts, check out this article from Whole30.)

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This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. Crap! Lol fine-

    1. 🤣

  2. 5:15

    BWat 21:59 row
    Craig 22:22 PR!
    Rocco 23:05 PR!
    Missy 19:43 PR!
    Faith 26:02 PR!
    DE 20:08 PR!
    VInce 27:59
    Becca 28:05
    KtM 28:03
    KtL 28:28
    Ryan B. 21:52
    Joel 28:19
    Jenn 27:06
    KtN 25:15
    Ed 33:16
    Betsy 24:50
    Gisela 29:43
    Liz 9:45 mile 24:04 mile run +2500m row
    Chris M. 21:52 row
    KtM 4k row
    Swetha 30:31 row
    Becky 28:34 row
    Allison 22:15 row PR!

  3. 5:00
    Janet 22:09 Row PR!
    Rocco 23:04 PR (2nd of the Day!)
    Tim 23:53 PR!
    Sabrina 24:32
    Erin 25:00 8.4M/226cal Assault Bike
    Sean B. 26:41
    Jeff 28:29
    Tanya 29:20
    Curtis 29:21
    Bob B. 29:48

  4. (Megan S and Wes) – 39:50 I blame our time on my crappy running partner

  5. 6:00
    Erik 🙂
    Dan R 24:21
    John C 26:17
    Michael C 36:48
    Andrea 36:11
    Bob K 27:49

  6. 4PM
    Ana 26:32 row
    Marissa 23:48 row
    Fili 28:31 PR!!!
    Tom 27:43
    Robbie 9.3 miles bike
    Shawn 24:27
    Linda 26:44 row
    Kirsten 20:58 row
    Lou 27:59 row
    Kyle 27:32 PR!!!!
    Steve 26:30
    Dan T 19:60
    Heather 23:57 row

    1. That should be 19:50 for me 🙂

      Also, we had a lot of left over pulled pork and some corn bread from a company picnic today. It is in the fridge. Please help yourself! Bring a container.

  7. 5:15
    KtS 22:15
    Kelly G. 23:09
    Brendan 29:42
    Bill 25:17
    Tyler 21:57
    Ceil 33:51
    NIckk L. 23:31
    Alex 22:10
    Jim C. 22:11row
    Dan E. 19:28 Row
    Tom G. 20:15 row

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