Daily WOD – Sep 22, 2018

“The ICA 5k”

Run 5000m (for time)

WOD Notes:  Don’t you cherry pick, you bums.  This benchmark comes around only once a year, and it’s going to be a beautiful day for a run! Anyone who can’t run may row 5000m or air bike 25 minutes for total distance. Another scaling option is to complete a 1 or 2 mile run. Compare to 170628.

Course directions:  Leave ICA parking lot via Jefferson St and head toward Bridge.  Turn left on Bridge and run all the way to Nutt Rd (Rt 23).  Right on Nutt Rd, run until Main St (just past the hospital).  Right on Main St, then Right on Anderson, which you take all the way back to Bridge St.  Left on Bridge and back into the gym (by way of Jefferson St).

Nutrition Notes: Day 13/40. If you haven’t checked out the Phoenixville Farmer’s Market yet, it’s a great place to buy fresh and local meat, eggs, fruits, and vegetables. The market is open on Saturdays from 9:00am until 1:00pm at 200 Mill St (under the Gay Street bridge). Any given Saturday there’s a decent chance you’ll run into another ICAer there! Just be warned – there’s a decent selection of baked goods too, so bring your resolve with you if you go! For a list of providers click HERE (not all are present each week).


  1. Power Snatch + hang  power snatch + hang snatch complex 1-1-1-1-1
  2. Clean pull + clean (3+1) 1-1-1-1
  3. 5 rounds for time of: 10 back squats (50% 1RM), 5 bar muscle ups
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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. 4pm
    Jeff 95-125
    Kyle M 135-185
    Austin 155-255
    Caine 🙂
    Robbie 🙂
    Nikki K 65-75
    Nik 95-130
    Vicki 110-145 (x1)

    Cash Out…50 WB for time! Rx+ with weight or height

  2. 7:30am

    Faith – 28:24 PR!
    Jess S – 25:26
    Mike D – 24:26
    Morgan P – 32:23
    Pete – 30:52 (first ever 5K!)
    Tiffany S – 31ish (mile-run/row/bike)

    1. I’ve been needing to test out my 5k time so this is perfect. When I get off work today I’ll go do this route and post my time!

      1. My 5k time was 25:09

  3. Results:
    Jenn 27:31
    Danielle 26:53
    Tom S> 28:42
    Iggy 21:48
    Daria 24:18
    John C. 25:27
    Catherine 23:55
    Zach 21:32
    DE 21:45
    Kelly G. 23:55
    Mike C> 23:17
    Ed 30:45
    Heath 25:50
    Matt D. 38:34
    Nik 26:16
    Caine 22:01
    NIkki K. 23:10 Row
    Marissa W> 24:29 row

    Jen C> 30:12
    Allison 22:39 Row
    Luke O. 20:58
    Linda 30:30 Row
    Andrew 31:11
    Greg 31:25
    Kevin 25:32
    Ben 27:43
    RObbie 8.5mi on bike in 25 min
    Curtis 28:04
    Kyle K. 34:23
    Sofia 25:02 (turned onto cemetary)
    Steve K. 26:47
    Ceil 33:32

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