Daily WOD – Sep 24, 2019

Welcome Matt!

Front Squat 1-1-1-1-1


200m farmer carry NFT

WOD Notes:  Compare to 190501.

Nutrition Note:  Day 16 of 40.  Estimating Macros.  If you enjoy going out to eat, sticking to our level 2 (weigh and measure) can be difficult.  If you are on level 1, you can find something that looks like meat, veggies and potatoes or rice at almost any establishment.  Trying to discern how much butter was in said rice is another challenge altogether.  We find that if the restaurant you are in doesn’t have it’s nutrition posted online it is often best to estimate the macros in your meal.  We’re two weeks in and you are probably starting to recognize approximate quantities of meat and carb as you weigh them.  Use that new found approximating ability on your meals out.  It often means you’ll leave some carb on the plate as most restaurants love to give you plenty of rice or fries with your meal.  Your numbers won’t be exact but it is still way better than “if I can’t find the macros, I’ll just eat anything I want.”

If you can’t bring yourself to estimate, you can always find a chain restaurant online and use their numbers for a similar meal.  We’ve used Champp’s and Uno Pizzeria’s menu in the past.  (I’m intrigued by the burger with 252g of fat at Uno’s.)

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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Steve M – 285
    Kehl – 135 (5×5)
    Kelly G – 100
    Franco – 255
    Alex W – 195
    Danielle S – 125
    Pat B – 265
    Tom G – 175
    Tyler F – 200 PR!
    Nick L – 185
    Sean G – 215
    Missy – 160
    KTS – 145
    Warnek – 325

  2. 6:15
    Iggy 285
    DE 265
    Faith 115
    Vince 160
    Sabrina 175
    Craig 165 (5×2)
    Mike D. 216.5 PR
    KTL 105

  3. 7pm
    Blythe 115 (PR!)!, 44#
    Liz 135 (PR!), 44#
    JImena 105 (first class!0, 35#
    Sean 255#, 70#
    Andrew 170, 53#

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