Daily WOD – Sep 2, 2020

Sean R. locking out a push jerk!

Workout of the Day

Complete for time:

  • 40 double unders
  • 20 Russian twists (25/15#) (L+R=1)
  • 10 box jumps (28/24″)

Rest for the remainder of 3 minutes and repeat for a total of 8 rounds.  

WOD Notes:  The goal is for each movement to take ~30 seconds giving you about 90 seconds of work and 90 seconds of rest per round. Record in SugarWOD the time for EACH interval. SugarWOD will add them up to a cumulative time.

Community NotesWith the annual Labor Pain 12-hour Endurance Trail Run (ask around about that…) cancelled this year, Coach Dave has put together a shorter endurance event fitting for the times that is accessible for all athletes.  This is not an ICA-sponsored event but is absolutely encouraged for anyone looking for a tough workout on Sunday!

  • What: Labor Strain
  • When: Sunday – September 6 – 9:00AM set up, 9:30AM start, 11:30AM finish.
  • Where: Reeves Park Bandshell Stage and seating area as needed for appropriate social distancing.
  • Who: Anyone from your household that can row including ICA athletes (current, former, future, teen, guests), kids, parents, dogs, whatever… and anyone you want on your team that can run!
  • Why: Well, why not? After all, it’s 2020. (And the event is free!)

See comments for more details or check out the Facebook event page.

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Fili!

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  1. Workout:
    Compile as many points as possible in two hours of: any combination of rowing, burpees and running in the following format:
    One athlete must complete burpees at the start of each time period and before any athlete switch occurs as follows:
    – From 0-30 Minutes – 25 burpees
    – From 31-60 Minutes – 20 burpees
    – From 61-90 Minutes – 15 burpees
    – From 91-120 Minutes – 10 burpees
    – 1 point for each calorie rowed or burpee completed
    – 50 points for each 800m lap of Reeves Park.

    – No maximum on household team members.
    – No maximum number of switches.
    – One athlete working at a time.
    – This is NOT a burpee-a-thon. Only burpees completed as a buy-in to the rowing or running are scored.

    Prize: Bragging rights and my undying appreciation.

    Gear Needed:
    If you have a rower, you’ll need to bring it (it breaks down into two manageable pieces for transport): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kk6J8DsXNKI
    Yoga mat for burpees.

    Don’t have a rower? Here’s why the non-rowing option ROCKS. The running option not only allows for household teams to add non-household, running only members, this is a GREAT opportunity to rack up some distance for Maren’s Fierce Fighters’ efforts in the CHOP Parkway Run & Walk, virtual edition!

    All are requested to wear masks if they are not actively working/recovering and of course everyone should adhere to social distancing guidelines. Stay safe!

    It’s supposed to be BEAUTIFUL weather again, but even if that goes awry, the bandshell stage is covered. While the play equipment is open for kids’ use, unfortunately, the restrooms are not yet open. Please plan accordingly.

    Text or Message Coach Dave at 484-467-1787 for more info.

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