Daily WOD – Oct 31, 2012

Chamberlain and Warnek

1/2 french maid, pirate, cat burgler, Wonder Woman

Rambo, Mayhem (from the allstate commercials), Iron Chef

“CrossFit Total”

  • Back Squat 1-1-1
  • Shoulder Press 1-1-1
  • Deadlift 1-1-1

WOD Notes: Today’s workout is a CrossFit benchmark.  After warming up, you’ll have three and ONLY THREE attempts at each lift to establish a one rep max. Choose your attempts wisely! Your score is the sum of your highest squat, press, and deadlift. If you’re curious, click HERE to read a 2006 CrossFit Journal article about the Total. Compare to 111029.

Oh yeah, and Rx today requires wearing a costume! (If you don’t have a costume, make something up… Anything is better than nothing!)

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  1. Lol kehl

  2. Haha

  3. hell yeah I’ll wear a costume…if it gets me an “Rx” behind my name

  4. Was there a brief mention of an ICA flag football game a few weeks ago? I think someone came up with that idea. I second it! How do we get a Turkey Bowl on the calendar for November? 😉

    1. Hell yeah!!

  5. Sunday, November 18th?

    1. I’m in!

    2. I’m in.

    3. Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been away from the computer all day. i love this idea! unfortunately I am out of town that weekend, but maybe John and Mark want to pull something together??

    4. I’m in!

    5. Bryan and I are free that weekend. But sad that Nikki’s away!

    1. Dave Lipson!! John this is the guy I’m always talking about! He’s awesome.

    2. My new idol.

    3. Big Dave Lipson was my hero until he slipped two discs in his back, watch that deadlift form! Ok, so he is still my hero a little..

    4. True. I did notice the bar swaying out on the DL. impressed overall, not too may CF guys squatting in 5’s, and DL in 6’s.

    5. I love the part when he rests his eyeball on the bar.

  6. Morning Results:
    Name Squat/Press/Dead=total
    Lindsey 175/75/265=515 Rx
    Gunter 145/95/255=495 Rx
    Matt C 315/160/405=880
    Jenn 190/75/205=470 Rx
    Mario 225/130/315=670
    Jacki 145/70/185=400
    Emily 105(depth)/45/135=285 Rx

    Joe 315/180/387=882
    Dan L 180/100/210=490 Rx
    Jackie 125/65/170=360 Rx
    Jason 235/125/295=655 Rx

    Great work this morning and hats off to all the “Rx” costume wearing athletes!

  7. 4:30
    Kev 315/165/385=865 Rx
    Brendan 205/105/275=585 Rx
    Korba 295/155/365=815 Rx
    Dani 175/85/185=445
    Dan F. 235/165/335=735
    John W. 355/–/525=880 Rx
    Nik 220(PR!)/110/255=585

    Awesome numbers today everyone, some huge PR’s! Keep it up!!!

    Happy Halloween!

  8. 5:30
    Sarge 195/95 (pr)/215 = 505 Rx
    Laurie 175/75/205 (pr) = 455
    Craig 305 (pr)/135/445 (pr) = 885
    Sabol 340/165/445 (pr) =950 Rx

    Get big and get candy.

    1. Lindsey helped me with the get candy part! Thanks for leaving the sweet treats, friend!

    2. Welcome friend!!! 🙂

  9. 6:30: PR Party 🙂
    Mark 205/115/335 = 655 Rx (all PRs)
    Chase 245/155/365 = 765
    Nick 205 (PR)/95/295 = 595 Rx
    Tom F 245/135/315 = 695 Rx (all PRs)
    Chamberlain 325/175/425 = 925 Rx

    1. Chamberlain you are a beast

    2. Perhaps we should clarify that Chamberlain looked a lot like Phil… dressed up as Chamberlain… 🙂

    3. ahhhh…then we need a picture and he is still a beast.

    4. The “real” Chamberlain wouldn’t have scored that high.

  10. Big Dave Lipson is my hero too but for reasons other than lifting a shit ton. Re: Camille Leblanc-Bazinet … anyway … Didn’t have a PR party at the garage today. My excuse was lack of sleep due to waking up every 40 minutes to run power to my sump pump and I can throw in a few more if that’s not enough. Hoping for electricity by tomorrow…
    Spencer 235/115/275 = 625
    Cragle 255/125/325 = 705

  11. ICA Peeps!!!!!! PR Party:):):) Whoo whoot!!! You guys are looking strong! Good stuff:) I would love to see some pics from today! I wod’d in costume today too!

  12. Nice costumes everyone!!!

  13. Phil as Chamberlain=EPIC!

    1. Everyone wants to look like a stud for Halloween. 🙂

  14. LOL Phil I love the custome:)

  15. Sorry that should say costume

  16. CFT done at the garage on 11/1/12
    Barb 140/65/195=400
    Scott 245/140/320=705 (3xPR)

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