Daily WOD – Oct 3, 2020

Jackson working on pull ups!

Workout of the Day

Push Press 1-1-1-1-1-1-1


  • 3×15 bent over rear delt flies
  • 3×10 front raises
  • Max consecutive behind the neck presses (empty bar)

WOD Notes:  Compare to 181012.

5K Notes: At 3:00 pm we’ll be running a free outdoor class to complete our annual benchmark 5K!!  This is an awesome course and a great benchmark to have for yourself so come on out and get ready to run.  Anyone who would prefer is welcome to pull a rower out into the parking lot to row a 5k.  BYO refreshments for a socially distanced “stink and drink” after the run!

On a Related Note:  The Citizen Advocacy Phoenixville Run has gone virtual!  This is an event that ICA sponsors each year and and is a great community run.  With this year’s format, you can set a goal and then log your miles (running, biking, walking or swimming) to tally them up!  If you’re interested in layering in some running during this nutrition challenge, check out some details here.

Oly Notes:  The weightlifting workout for Saturdays will now post at 8:00 pm on Friday in SugarWOD!

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