Daily WOD – Oct 12, 2018

Welcome Brooke!

Shoulder Press 1-1-1-1

Push Press 1-1-1-1

Push Jerk 1-1-1-1

WOD Notes:  The goal is to increase weight on each lift!

Nutrition Notes: Day 33/40. One week to go!! Sign up for your InBody re-scan HERE. Today’s topic: Who has heard of the “alkaline diet?” Created in 2010, this diet quickly became popular among Hollywood celebs. It’s based on the premise that foods you eat affect your body’s chemistry. Proponents of this diet believe that an alkaline pH will help you feel better and stave off various diseases, while an acidic pH sets you up for a host of health problems. Foods that lower your pH (and therefore should be limited on the alkaline diet) include: meat, dairy, wheat, refined sugar, and processed foods. Foods that raise your pH (preferred foods) include most fruits and vegetables, legumes, and nuts.

The creator of the alkaline diet may have convinced Hollywood, but there’s very little evidence to support its efficacy. Eating alkaline foods will increase the pH of your urine, but urine pH is a poor indicator of overall body pH and health. Eating alkaline foods has not been shown to affect the blood pH, which is more impactful on health. There is ONE situation in which an alkaline diet may be beneficial – it can reduce the likelihood of kidney stones. The bottom line: Monitoring your urine pH is not the next big thing you should be doing for your health. But there is one thing we can all agree on: Eat your vegetables!

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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. 6:00

    Bob K. 115/155/190PR!
    Erik 115/145/135
    B. Watson 75/95/75
    Blythe 45/50/55

  2. 4pm
    JS 145/155/165
    Heather 85/125/:)
    Christine 60/85/form
    Frank 135/165/200
    Smith 165/205/225 ALL PR’s!!
    Moore 165/195/245PR!
    Steve K 110/145/145
    Drake 🙂
    Jeff 95/45DB/55DB
    Austin 165/205/265
    Vicki 113/155/160
    Nik 110/145/160

  3. 5:15
    MIke D. 125/155/175
    Matt B. 🙂
    Murrary 155/185
    Dan E> 175/200/155 squat jerk
    Anne Marie 55/75/80
    Elissa 75/115/130
    Jenn 85/130 PR!/ 150
    Danielle 65/90/100

    Iggy 155/205/215
    Franco 125/165/165
    MOhyeed 150/190/165 form
    DE 135/195/205
    Jake 135/185/185
    Luke L. 105/145/155
    Vollmer :0
    Missy 75/115/100
    Vince :0
    KEn 🙂
    Kelly G. 55/75/ 60

    Janet 95/100/125
    Jen C. 85/100/125
    Betsy 06/70/75
    Daria 60/75/85
    Ed 160/175/215
    Marissa W> 60/70/75
    Tom S. 120/150/155
    NIcoel W. 65/70/70
    Zane 115/150/:)

    Greg P. 🙂
    Joel 235 PR! Gym record!/ 245
    Joe S. 🙂
    Paul 110/130
    Rocco 120/155/175
    John C> 120/135
    TIna 60/85/90
    Julie 🙂
    Linda 50/60/45

  4. 5:00pm
    Sabol 185/205/215
    Robbie 🙂
    Lindsay 60/75/80 (form)
    Moira FS 65 / BS 65
    Erin 102.5 / 125 (PR!) / 140 (PR!)
    Drew 🙂
    EQ 🙂
    Tim 95 / 115
    Shawn 🙂

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