Daily WOD – Oct 4, 2020

Erik getting set for pullups!

Workout of the Day

Complete 15 rounds for time of:

  • 3 power snatches (155/105#)
  • 5 ring dips
  • 7 box jumps (24/20″)

Time cap: 25 minutes

WOD Notes:  Choose a power snatch weight that will allow you to complete 3 reps in 20 to 30 seconds even when tired.  The expectation is to drop every rep but be able to pick it back up immediately.  Ring dips should be scaled such that the first 5+ rounds should be unbroken.

Nutrition Notes:  Sundays are for food prep!  If you haven’t yet, grab a family pack of boneless skinless chicken breasts and some sweet potatoes and cook them all up.  It will make the start of the nutrition challenge significantly easier if you have quality food prepped at all times!

Open Gym Notes:

  1. Starting today (Sunday), we have 20 Open Gym hours per week that are free to ICA members!
  2. Sunday’s open gym is from 8-9am and has a dedicated coach to help you with skill work, lifting technique, or anything else you want to work on!
  3. Open gyms during the week do not have a dedicated coach, so you should be prepared to work independently. Come with a plan!
  4. We created a separate “track” in Wellness Living to make the schedule easier to navigate. In the Achieve app you’ll see an option to access the Open Gym schedule on the opening screen. If you use the Wellness Living website, you’ll need to click on a separate tab to access the Open Gym schedule as shown below:

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