Daily WOD – Feb 13, 2012

The birthday girl!

Complete for time 25-20-15-10-5 of:

  • Overhead squat (95/65#)
  • Box jumps (24/20″)

Community Notes: Happy birthday Lindsey!


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  1. Kevin

    Happy birthday Lindsey!

    This is a “Monday” wod. Yikes.

  2. Mark

    OOOOO…MMMMM….GGGG! (in valley girl slang)

    Can I just double up on box jumps? Haha

    Happy birthday Lindsey!

  3. Killa

    Happy Birthday Linds!! It’s so fun to WOD with you, your energy is contagious! Excited to share this wonderful WOD with you on your bday =)

  4. Lindsey

    Thanks guys!! Awww, Killa its fun to WOD with you- especially with you words of wisdom like “you can breathe later” : ) I can’t wait to celebrate my bday with all my ICA family doing overhead squats!!!

  5. Tiana

    Happy birthday Lindsey!!

  6. Mike Sabol

    Happy Birthday Lindsey!

  7. Jimbo

    Happy BirthdayLindsey! Enjoy overhead squats on your b-day!

  8. Cari Evelyn

    Happy birthday!! Couldn’t get a better gift than over heads, right?

  9. Nick

    Happy Birthday Lindsey! Time for the great combination of squats and birthday burpees!

  10. Morgan

    Happy Birthday Lindsey! I hope you have a great day!

  11. john

    Happy Birthday Lindsey, its been a blast having you in from the beginning of ICA!

  12. Emily

    Happy Birthday Lindsey! Hope you have an awesome day! Not sure I’ll make it in today (sinuses are a bugger). I’ll be so sad to miss your bday burpees πŸ˜‰

  13. Sarg

    happy birthday!
    and i know how old you are, and am dreading the burpees πŸ˜‰ hehe

  14. Phil

    Happy birthday Lindsey!

    Phew, thats a lotta overhead squats!

  15. Tiana

    Is it weird that I am excited about the over head squats but am iffy about the box jumps? :-\

  16. nicole

    Happy birthday Lindsey! Ohs for your birthday! What a lucky girl! Ha! Ha!

  17. Christopher Chamberlain

    Happy Birthday Lindsey!!! Natalie is down right distraught that she’s gonna miss the birthday Burpees tonight. Let’s hope she gets a chance to make them up sometime this week.

    1. Sarg

      she can make them up on thursday with me!

  18. Lindsey

    Thanks everyone! Im thrilled to share my bday burpees with all of you! Luckily, since I am only 21-the burpees wont be bad ; )

  19. Laurie

    Happy Birthday Lindsey! For your b-day ICA is giving you a great toned ass! he he πŸ™‚

  20. Nikki


    Mark 12:41 (75)
    John 8:51 (Rx)
    Craig 13:02 (DC ROM)
    Gunter 8:14 (45)
    Lindsey 12:04 (45)
    Nick 9:34 (55)
    Mike S 12:56 Rx
    Dan 12:01 (95 FS, 3xSU)
    Denny 12:34 (75, 20″)
    Killa 10:28 Rx
    Kevin 10:43 Rx
    Nikki 7:55 Rx
    Phil 13:02 Rx
    Cari 18:56 Rx
    Kim 14:13 (45)
    Tiana 13:53 (35)

  21. Spence

    O’Neill’s Garage Results

    Spence 11:41 (65)
    Spotts 13:50 (front squats)
    Barb 16:27 Rx

  22. Nikki

    HUUUGE props to Barb and Cari for pushing yourselves outside of your comfort zone to Rx this tonight. Amazing job and congrats!!

  23. Cragle

    Results from O’Neill’s Night Crew:
    Scott 13:34 (65#)
    Cragle 11:30 (115# Front Squats)

  24. Lindsey

    Good job Cari and Barb!!

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