31Heroes WOD & Fundraiser – Aug 15, 2020


With a partner complete as many rounds as possible in 31 minutes of:

  • 16 DB/KB thrusters (8R/8L) (50/35#)
  • 6 burpees
  • 11 box jumps (28/24″)

WOD Notes: Parter 1 runs 400m while Partner 2 performs thrusters/burpees/box jumps on repeat. When Partner 1 returns, they pick up where Partner 2 left off. Your team score = total rounds + reps as a team. Note weight used.

Logistics & Safety Notes:

  1. If you don’t have a partner, we’ll pair you up at the start of class.  Try to find a partner that can use the same height box… though you can adjust the height by adding/removing plates if needed.
  2. Each partner will have their own KB/DB unless they live together. If you have a KB/DB at home, please bring it. (BYO box too if you can!)
  3. The workout will take place in the parking lot. Remember to bring a yoga mat, carpet, towel or piece of cardboard to do your burpees on!
  4. The main part of the parking lot will be blocked off (at the picnic table and at the dumpster). Please park in the outer sections of the lot, along Jefferson Street, in the apartments, or on the other side of the building (closer to Rt 23).
  5. Try to arrive 10 minutes early to get set up.
  6. Please wear a mask when you arrive and practice social distancing at all times.
  7. This workout is FREE for members and guests, but all participants must pre-register via Wellness Living.

To read more about the history of the 31Heroes and make a donation to our team, link to our earlier blog post here.  You can also visit the 31Heroes website directly here. Thank you for helping us support this worthy cause for our 10th consecutive year!

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  1. Thanks John and Nikki that was fun 😊…. well… kind of fun 🤪. Greg is out of service for the rest of the day 😂😂😂

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